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19 July 2023

  • curprev 04:0004:00, 19 July 2023Nostalgia Cow talk contribs 1,295 bytes +1,295 Created page with "{{Art|image=Dawgs Life Poster.jpg|releasedate=1993|manufacturer=Corman and Associates & Showbiz Pizza Time Inc.|text1=IT'S A DAWG'S LIFE|text2=JASPER T. JOWLES|text3=FEATURING|text4=IF YOU'VE GOT THE PIZZA HONEY, I'VE GOT THE TIME.|text5=MOMMA DON'T LET YOUR PUPPIES GROW UP TO BE COWDAWGS|text6=PLUS MANY MORE SONGS}} The '''"It's A Dawg's Life" (CD Award)''' was a parody award created by Corman and Associates and released for Chuck E. Cheese's in 1993. == Design == The..." Tag: Visual edit