1992 Sports Trading Cards (Prototype Art)

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Sports Trading Cards was a prototype art piece created for few locations in 1992.

Top half at the SPT Support Center (2014)

This art was only known to be seen at a select few locations from 1992 to 1993 as it was a prototype piece that never made it into mass production.

After 2010 every location to have had the piece has been removed, leaving SPT with the only one in existence. It is unknown if the art made it out of the office past 2015.


(From left to right) Jasper is seen on a basketball card, Chuck E. is wearing sun-glasses and is inside of a football card, and Munch is inside a baseball card with a bat.

A football stadium is the main background for the characters, with the cards that they are featured in, at the edge of the board the stadium is being contained to. And Helen is on the football field in a cheerleader uniform reading "CEC" on her chest.

The base of this art was a scoreboard of a home game featuring the "Cheesers". The scoreboard was decorated with various items of different sports, with the top of it having a hot-dog, salted peanuts, and a cheer horn that read "CEC".

Size / Dimensions

Exact measurements are unknown, these are educated guesses

  • With Base: 6" (Feet)
  • Without Base: 5" (Feet)