2022 CEC Summer of Fun Concert (Event)

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The Chuck E. Cheese Summer of Fun Concert was an event that performed in four states and ran for around 24 minutes.

The concert was a combination of both live and recorded audio with the costume characters performing various CEC Songs. The live character Jessi, as in the previous years' concert, replaced Pasqually.


With the help of Jessi & Chuck E.'s Crew, the band puts on a summer-themed show.

Touring Locations

  • June 4: Chicago | Navy Pier @11am & 1pm
  • June 11: Miami | Bayfront Park @11am & 1pm
  • June 18: Los Angeles | Santa Monica Pier @11am & 1pm
  • July 2: Fort Worth | Trinity Park @11am & 1pm

Show Lineup:

Note: Concert remixes refer to older CEC content that has been updated or otherwise remixed for the show.

  1. Dialogue
    1. Introduction for Jessi, Chuck E. and "DJ Munch"
  2. Song
    1. Beach Party Bash
  3. Dialogue
    1. Thanking DJ Munch, Jessi wanting to see "Song of Summer" preformed then getting disappointed it's not happening yet, Introduction for Helen & Jasper.
  4. Song
    1. Play All You Can Play (Concert Remix)
  5. Dialogue
    1. Jessi asking about "Song of Summer" again.
  6. Song
    1. Dog Days of Summer (Concert Remix)
  7. Dialogue
    1. DJ Munch, Helen, Jasper, and Jessi (who asksa again about) discuss birthdays this month, this summer, then this year, and how to do the Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Song
  8. Song
    1. Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Song (Concert Remix)
    2. Happy Birthday
    3. Happy Birthday (Spanish) (Concert Remix)
  9. Dialogue
    1. Jessi asks again about the song, and Chuck explains his thinking that if he sings the song, the fun of summer will end.
  10. Song
    1. Song of Summer (Concert Remix)
  11. Dialogue
    1. The gang hanks the crowd for being there while the Song of Summer instrumental plays)


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  • The Play All You Can Play remix replaces Chuck's vocals with Helen's during his solo, and then replaces Munch's vocals with Helen's during his respective solo.
  • The Dog Days of Summer remix removes the backing vocals (except for Helen, who also sings some of Jasper's lines).
  • The Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Song was re-recorded with all the backing vocals.
  • Happy Birthday (Spanish) was re-recorded with the current US voice actors.
  • Song of Summer (Concert Remix) has Jessi sing Bella's lines and also ends the song with a fade-in of the characters saying their goodbyes.