Articulated Pasqually Walkaround

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The articulated Pasqually head paired with his standard outfit holding a pizza in the August 1997 show.

The articulated Pasqually walkaround head was created in 1996 by former CEI employee, David “Billy Bob” Irvin. This head was used in three different showtapes, those being:

  • August 1996
  • April 1997
  • August 1997

During these showtapes, the head was often seen paired with Pasqually’s standard 90’s outfit.

Interestingly, this was the only articulated walkaround to not be used in the Galaxy 5000 movie. As instead, a live actor dressed up in Pasqually’s outfit was used for the role.

As of 2024, it is unknown of where the head or any other accompanying parts could be.