Barboursville, WV (3419 US Rt 60)

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Exterior of Barboursville as Billy Bob's Wonderland. (PC:

3419 US Rt 60 also known as Huntington or East Barboursville was a franchised Showbiz Pizza Place location that opened sometime between 1983-1986, and closed as a Showbiz Pizza Place in 1988 (month and day unknown). This location was owned by Rex Donahue, who owned every Showbiz Pizza location in the state of West Virginia. This location is also notable for being the very first Billy Bob's Wonderland store, becoming one after leaving the Showbiz brand.


Showbiz Pizza Era (Mid 1980s-1988)

Barboursville had it's grand opening in the early-mid 1980s (between 1983 and 1986). The store had everything a normal Showbiz had, which was wood paneling, arcade games, play places, dining rooms, and they had the Rock-afire Classic Stage as well. No footage has been found of Barboursville as a Showbiz Pizza Place, but photos do exist.

Billy Bob's Wonderland Era (1989-2003)

In 1989, it was announced that Concept Unification would take place, which involved the conversion of all Showbiz stores to Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza. Rex Donahue, Sr. would make the decision then after to defranchise the location, making it independent. The store would then become the very first Billy Bob's Wonderland location, with Ashland, KY opening a while later.

In 2003, Billy Bob's Wonderland would permanently close along with Ashland, KY, so they could form a larger, more dedicated store on 5 Cracker Barrel Dr. The bots would be taken to the new store, and used for parts with Ashland, KY, and Parkersburg, WV (A former CEC 3-Stage that closed in 1998.)

Post-BBWL Era (2003-Present)

After the store closed, the space would remain vacant for a while, until they were cut in half and filled up by American restaurant company Famous Dave's. Famous Dave's would close in 2010, and the other side would become Plato's Closet. As of April 2023, Victorian Finance and Plato's Closet remain open to this day.

In 2021 and 2022, The relocated Billy Bob's Wonderland on 5 Cracker Barrel Dr would restore their show and replace several characters from the ones used at Ashland to the ones used at East Barboursville.


Stage Installed Removed Notes
Classic Stage Mid 1980s 2003 Taken to the new store, currently used for spare pieces.


Animatronic Serial Number Whereabouts
Rolfe DeWolfe ??-8? 1-?? In storage.
Dook Larue ??-8? 2-?? On stage.
Fatz Geronimo ??-8? 3-?? In storage.
Beach Bear ??-8? 4-?? In storage.
Mitzi Mozzarella ??-8? 5-?? On stage.
Billy Bob ??-8? 6-?? On stage.
Looney Bird ??-8? 7-?? On stage.
Choo Choo ??-8? 8-?? In storage.
Sun ??-8? 11-?? In storage.
Moon ??-8? 12-?? On stage.
Antioch N/A In storage.




Link Description Filming Date
Link A video showcasing the store, games, and show back in 1991 April 6, 1991