Bayamon, Puerto Rico (Rexville Town Center)

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167 Rexville Town Center KM 17.6, Bayamón, 00956, Puerto Rico is a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened in June 2003 that opened with the Cool Chuck remodel and a Studio C 2002 that is still open to this day under franchisee management.


Bayamón's exterior taken on March 26, 2023

In June 2003, almost 20 years after the Bayamón Pizza Time Theater in Santa Rosa Plaza opened in November/December of 1983, a brand-new CEC opened in Bayamón, this time located at the then-recently built Rexville Town Center under a completely different franchisee than the one that opened the PTTs in San Juan and Bayamón back in 1983. The store opened with the Cool Chuck remodel, which contained poster withs from mostly 1998-2001, as well as some posters from 1993-1995, and a Studio C Beta which included a Chuck E. Cheese 16m (Animatronic) produced by Garner Holt Productions that was just starting to roll out to new stores.


The store had the Phase 3 (2000) game package along with Skytubes, as well as dim lighting and wall planters. The 16m bot at this time had a Cool Chuck outfit made by Garner Holt (Notice the C on the shirt), which featured a red hat with a black C, a blue shirt with yellow stripes on the sleeves and a big yellow C in the middle, and khaki shorts. The store's walkaround costume was a 01 Chuck walkaround, although some of the colors on the shirt were flipped. Around 2004, the store would receive a long fur Avenger walkaround costume, although at some point later on, it would be replaced by a short fur version of the costume. In 2005, the curtains on the stage would not be programmed on the show tapes but would still work for live shows. The earliest documentation of the walkarounds for the other characters at this store is from 2008, which is when the store would receive a Helen walkaround. That same year, the store would remove all the fake planters on the walls and replaced the 2001 Italy Postcard with a Green Pop Chuck poster.


In 2010, the store replaced the Cool Chuck outfit on their bot with an Avenger outfit. In mid 2013, the store would receive fluorescent light, which would replace the dim lighting in the store. Around this time, we also get documentation on the Munch, Jasper, and Pasqually walkarounds. In 2015, the store would receive the Rockstar walkaround just like the rest of the PR stores, as well as painting some walls purple. Around January 2016, the store would replace the bot's Avenger shirt with a Rockstar shirt, although they kept the bot's hat for a while before removing. Later that same year, the bot would receive Rockstar jeans. After the events of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, the store had to take care of some of the damaged caused by the hurricane, which included the carpet, some ceiling tiles, and two of the exterior letters. By the end of the year, all of these issues would be fixed, with a Phase 4 carpet, the two letters being replaced by the Phase 4 style of those letters and replacing the damaged/missing ceiling tiles, with the Fireball Skeeball machine also being under maintenance before being removed by early 2018.


In February 2020, the store's old Kid Check stand was replaced by a new one, which featured the 2.0 Chuck and CEC logos and was colored black and purple. In March 2020, the rest of the exterior letters would be replaced by those in the Phase 4 style, although still keeping the Coach Chuck sign. In October 2020, some stuff was added such as hand-sanitizer spots and some stickers on the floor, which implied the store was planning on reopening. November 2020, the pencil on the entrance area was removed for unknown reasons, before the store officially reopened on November 12. Around this time, a clock that was put above the costume room door was removed, all of the games received a red button which, when pressed, would start the game (a replacement for the tokens before Play Pass was installed), and the show received some maintenance. By 2021, the store had two 2.0 Chuck signs in the costume room, as there were talks about replacing the signs at both Bayamón and Carolina during that to summer, as well as the stores receiving Play Pass, although these came to fruition later on. Around August of that year, the store started bringing out Chuck and sometimes (although rarely) bringing out Helen. By September 2022, Studio C programming would end with the Halloween show not having any programming. By October, it was announced that Bayamón would be temporarily closed on the 19th, as the store would receive Play Pass and E-Tickets, although the store would also be closed on the 20th due to some issues with the installation, but by the 21st of that month, the store would finally reopen. A lot of the games did receive Play Pass, but a few games did not, which would be removed before the year ended. In January 2023, the store would receive Dippin Dots. Then in March 2023, the store would change the exterior, as they installed the 2.0 Chuck sign, as well as removing the apostrophe and the S at the end of the name, and removing the last E for a bigger E, effectively changing the name to Chuck E. Cheese. Inside the store, the Football ball was put up on the same wall where the Basketball and Soccer balls were. Between May to June 2023, the Helen walkaround would lose the eyelash on its right eye. By the end of June 2023, the store would do a massive overhaul on its prize counter, which consisted of changing the prizes and downscaling the Chuck E. section of the prize counter. By July 1, the old menu would be removed with TVs, and the old signs and such (besides the menu topper) were trashed. In August 2023, the store would play the Evergreen 2022 show tape all the way into September, which would be the last time the store's bot would perform. In January 2024, the ceiling tiles on the barrier of the Studio C would be repainted, because of this, the light bars would be taken down in order for the paint to not affect them. During this time, the Roboscan and Gemini on one of the light bars would be removed. In February 2024, Helen would regain her missing eyelash. In May 2024, some extra purple lights were added onto the show.

Stages and Animatronics

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Studio C Beta 16m June 2003 Still in use One of the earliest 16ms installed in a store.

The only changes the stage has received are removing the blue screen and its camera, the bot's outfit, and the removal of the Roboscans and Gemini.

Animatronic Serial Whereabouts Notes
Chuck E. Cheese 16m (Animatronic) 823 Still in use Full Rockstar outfit including walkaround shoes.
Pizza Time Clock (Animatronic) N/A Still in use Original clock,

Store Fixtures

Current Store Fixtures

Interior Signage
Exterior Signage

Former Store Fixtures

Interior Signage
Exterior Signage


Head Outfits & Suits Accessories Whereabouts Notes
Chuck 2000 (Costume Head) Chuck 01 Attire (Costume Outfit)Chuck Long Fur (Costume Suit) Chuck Long Fur Arms (Costume Accessory)Chuck Vinyl Paw Gloves 1 (Costume Accessory)Cool Chuck Hat 1 (Costume Accessory)2001 Walkaround Shoes (Costume Accessory) Unknown/Destroyed
Chuck 2005 (Costume Head) Chuck Avenger 1 Attire (Costume Outfit)Chuck Short Fur (Costume Suit) Chuck Short Fur Arms (Costume Accessory)Chuck Short Fur Loose Legs (Costume Accessory)Chuck Short Fur Vinyl Gloves (Costume Accessory)Chuck 04 Avenger Shoes (Costume Accessory)Avenger Hat (Costume Accessory) Unknown/Destroyed
Chuck 2014 (Costume Head) Chuck Rockstar Attire 1 (Costume Outfit) Still in use
Helen 2000 (Costume Head) Helen Green Cheerleader (Costume Outfit) Helen Arm Fur (Costume Accessory)Helen Leggings (Costume Accessory)Helen Fur Gloves (Costume Accessory)2001 Walkaround Shoes (Costume Accessory) Still in use Used to have orange hair, now has yellow hair.
Mr, Munch 1995 (Costume Head) Full body costume Mr. Munch Fur Gloves (Costume Accessory)2001 Walkaround Shoes (Costume Accessory) Still in use Full body costume, no shirt or pants.
Jasper 1994 (Costume Head) Cow print shirt and overalls Jasper Fur Gloves (Costume Accessory)2001 Walkaround Shoes (Costume Accessory) Still in use Sometimes uses a blue and white striped shirt instead of the cow print.
Pasqually 1993 (Costume Head) Apron, checkered shirt, and pants 2001 Walkaround Shoes (Costume Accessory)