Billy Bob (Mijjin)

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Billy Bob (Mijjin) 


Release Date: 1992
Final Release: 1995
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


The Billy Bob Mijjin was an animatronic produced by Creative Engineering Inc. for the Mijjins show in 1992 [1] and the New Rock-Afire Explosion in 1993. [2]


The character was first produced for the Mijjins show in 1992.

This character was later produced in 1993 for the New Rock-Afire Explosion show.

The character's mech was changed to the standard Mijjin mech in 1993 when the New Rock-Afire Explosion show was made.


This bot is a standard Mijjin mech, the mech has blue eye pieces. The bot is the Billy Bob Character from the Rock-Afire Explosion in the smaller Mijjin style, sporting the classic Red and Yellow striped overalls, and a new White and Red polka dot shirt.


The bot is wearing the normal outfit, along with a Red and Yellow striped Cap, and an Orange Scarf.

Mampato Let's Fun

The bot is wearing a Yellow Button-Up Shirt and Blue Shorts.


All movements are on the Top Drawer. Eyes and eyelids are controlled by servos.

Top Drawer
Bit# Function
21 Mouth
22 Lip
23 Head Down
24 Head Turn
25 Head Tilt Left
36 Head Tilt Right
38 Left Body Tilt
39 Right Body Tilt
31 Left Wrist
26 Right Wrist
32 Left Elbow
27 Right Elbow
33 Left Arm Twist
28 Right Arm Twist
34 Left Arm Raise
29 Right Arm Raise
35 Left Shoulder
30 Right Shoulder
40 Knee Bend
37 Body Turn Right
89 Eyes Right
88 Eyes Left
91 Eyes Down
90 Eyes Up
92 Lids Close
87 Lids Open