Bloomfield, CT (48 Jerome Ave)

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48 Jerome Ave was a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre that opened in August 1983 and closed in August 1984 with a Balcony Stage.

This location is known for becoming Banjoe's Family Pizza Playhouse, which operated 1984/1985 until July 1987.


Bloomfield opened with a Balcony Stage, which the store would have until its 1984 closure. When the store rebranded into Banjoe's they would keep the Balcony stage setup, retrofitting the show to have original characters and backdrops.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Balcony Stage August 1983 August 1984 5th Chuck E. Cheese's location in Connecticut.
Retrofitted Balcony 1984/1985 July 1987 Retrofitted during it's time as Banjoe's Family Pizza Playhouse.



Before its time as a Pizza Time Theatre, there was a 2-screen movie theatre in its space, which opened in the 1970s and closed in 1982/83 Shortly after closure, the conversion to PTT began, and eventually opened in August 1983.

Pizza Time Theatre (1983-84)

The Pizza Time Theatre in Bloomfield opened in August 1983 as the fifth location in Connecticut. Little is known about this store, as no photos or videos have been found of it during its time as a PTT. The store would permanently close in August 1984 after only one year in operation, due to the company's bankruptcy of the same year. This was the only 2 store's in the state to be at auction along with Waterbury, CT (983 Wolcott St).

Banjoe's Family Pizza Playhouse (1984-87)

While most references to Chuck E. Cheese and Pizza Time Theatre were removed, as seen in the video, a few direct references remained, such as the merry-go-round still retaining PTT branding and Chuck E. Cheese art. In addition, the animatronic retrofitted stage would play Pizza Time Theatre showtapes instead of using original shows.

Banjoe's would close in July 1987 for unknown reasons, and it is unknown what happened to the animatronics or games after closure.

Post Banjoe's

The building would remain vacant again for a few years until it became a bank. The bank stayed in operation until it would close in 2018/19. As of April 2024, the building is vacant once again. It is unknown what will happen to the empty building.


Animatronics Manufacturing Date Status
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) (Ted E. Bear) 1983 Unknown
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) (Polly Parton) 1983 Unknown
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) (Corporal Crunch) 1983 Unknown
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) (Banjoe) 1983 Unknown
Pasqually (Cyberamic) (Sergeant Pepperoni) 1983 Unknown
Warblettes 1983 Owned by the American Tour Museum
Clapper Board (Cyberamic) 1983 Unknown
Drum Board (Cyberamic) 1983 Unknown
Flag Wavers (Cyberamic) 1983 Unknown


Link Description Filming Date
Link The only known footage of this store. Shows the game room, and the animatronics a few months before closure. March 1987