Brad Paisley Celebrity Experiment

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Brad Paisley Celebrity Experiment

Release Date: 2021

Released On:

Digital .wav (CEI)

Brad Paisley Celebrity Experiment is a cancelled single segment showtape that would've featured on the Creative Engineering YouTube channel.

A video detailing the creation of the tape, along with footage used to test the experiments, were released on the Creative Engineering Premium Service on October 7, 2021, titled The Brad Paisley Experiments.


An employee of Brad Paisley contacted Creative Engineering in the Summer of 2021, requesting a few experiments to visualize the Rock-afire Explosion characters playing Brad's songs. The first experiment was of Billy Bob performing the song Celebrity behind a green screen. The second was of the main stage playing Celebrity, and the third was of Mitzi performing behind a green screen with no cosmetics on, to see how her mechanisms moved while performing. Creative Engineering opted to test the last experiment with the Afterhours Tape. After the tests were performed and video footage sent over, the contact decided to decline on a current collaboration, but may work with Creative Engineering in the future.

Show List:

  1. Segment 1
    1. Celebrity