Brooklyn, NY (139 Flatbush Ave)

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Brooklyn's exterior from 2004 to 2015

Brooklyn, NY (139 Flatbush Ave), Store #522 is a Chuck E. Cheese's in the Atlantic Terminal mall that opened in 2004 with a Studio C 2000 and still operates to this day with the 2.0 remodel and Dance Floor.


As the store opened with Studio C 2000, Chuck E.'s stage, like other NYC area stores like Bronx and Harlem, had a rope barrier onstage to block kids from tampering with the animatronic as early as 2011. In 2014 this would be replaced with a barrier from the Circles of Light stage. Otherwise the stage otherwise went unchanged aside from the prop removals mandated by corporate and the removal of the fixtures above the main screens.


On July 22, 2004 Chuck E. Cheese's opened on the second floor of the Atlantic Terminal shopping mall with the Phase 3 (2000) games package alongside unique signage specific to this location.

This location was also one of the few locations to have the signage of Chuck E. pointing towards the entrance, which was later retrofitted to have Rockstar Chuck E.'s head.

The Brooklyn CEC failed a health inspection in June 2006 causing the store to temporarily close after being shut down by the health department. They were re-inspected a week later and cleared to reopened.[1] The store remained in the same condition with few minor changes they've remodeled for the first time in May of 2015 under the short-lived 2015 Remodel initiative. This included removal of dim lighting for fluorescent lighting, removal of all previous artworks, newly painted walls, and new décor.

Early on into 2023, remodeled once again under the 2.0 remodel initiative and had its grand re-opening in April. This store also received the first Trampoline Zone which appears to be the new SkyTubes replacement.[2]


Link Description Brooklyn in the early 2010's while they were Phase 3 and still had the red rope around Chuck E's stage Showroom Tour the year before they remodeled to Phase 5. This was the last year they had the classic remodel with dimmed lighting, old MustCTV wall art and decor around the store, and SkyTubes Brooklyn after the CEC 2.0 remodel and new Trampoline Zone