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The CEC Pizza Training Document was a document consisting of 3 laminated pages used for training on pizza making, released at an unknown point around the 2000's.

The document goes over each step in making a standard pizza, not specific to any variant with toppings. It would be hung on the wall of the kitchen during its use.[1]


Mixing & Bunning

  1. Measure water - use 70-80° water. Adjust to get finished dough temp 76-82°
  2. Add water to mixing bowl. [NO Cold Bowls!]
    1. 2 bags of dough = 23 1/2 lb. of water
    2. 1 bag of dough = 11 3/4 lb. of water
  3. Add dough bag(s) to water in mixing bowl.
  4. Attach dough hook and safety clamps. Raise the bowl to highest position.
  5. Set mixer to speed 1 for 7 minutes. Press starts
  6. Lower bowl, remove hook and place dough on cutting board. Should be between 76-82°
  7. Portion and weight the dough: LG 22 oz., MED 17, SM 11, IND 6 oz.
  8. Form dough into ROUND, SMOOTH, SEALED buns. LG 8 per tray, MED 10, SM 15, IND 20. OIL entire surface, especially where it touches the tray
  9. Oil entire surface, especially where it touches the tray. Day Dot with tomorrow's date, size & time.
  10. Place in rack and move into walkin (DON'T COVER). Dough must be bunned and refrigerated within 30 minutes. [You can cover trays w/ butcher paper if the buns dry out in your store]
  11. After ENTIRE rack reaches 42°, cover the entire rack. Refrigerate a MINIMUM OF 6 HOURS prior to rolling out.

Rolling, Panning, & Proofing

  1. Remove buns from walkin and warm-up for 20 minutes.
  2. Remove bun w/ spatula and flatten with palm of your hand, keeping in round shape
  3. Lightly flour the bottom of the bun. Remove excess flour.
  4. Insert but into the top of into the hopper (flour side towards you)
  5. Rotate 1/4 quarter of a turn after it exits top roller
  6. Adjust the rollers so the crust first to the INSIDE edge of the proper size screen.
  7. Pass crust through the bottom roller & catch with the backs of your hands
  8. Place crust DRY SIDE UP onto screen & shape to a perfect circle. Remove excess flour.
  9. Center pan over the crust and flip all 3 over. The DRY SIDE is DOWN in pan.
  10. Adjust the skin so the edge of the crust is 1/4" BELOW the edge of the pan. Run your finger around lip of crust to remove any air bubbles
  11. Cover w/ separator and place onto proofing rack or oven

Topping & Baking

Use ONLY FULLY PROOFED CRUSTS! They should have the following 5 identifiers.

  1. 2-3 times original thickness
  2. Lip well rounded and full
  3. Moist, not wet
  4. Light & airy to the touch
  5. Finger impression stays in
  1. Place a HEAPING ladle of sauce onto crust. Spread evenly up to lip of crust (but not onto it)
  2. Weigh proper amount of cheese and distribute from outside inward. Cover ALL the sauce.
  3. Distribute remaining toppings following the portion chart.
  4. Place in over - 2 toppings or less on the window side; 3 toppings or more on the back side of the oven
  5. Lightly brush lip of crust with garlic spread. Cut into the proper # of slices and serve.


  1. Dark, golden brown in color
  2. Lip is puffy & well-rounded.
  3. Crunchy exterior, bred-like interior.
  4. 1/2" thick on bottom, 3/4 thick on lip
  5. Cheese is browned and well-melted.
  6. Lip glistens with the garlic margarine