Catonsville, MD (5912 Baltimore National Pike)

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Exterior before May 2024

Catonsville, MD (5912 Baltimore National Pike) is a Chuck E. Cheese that opened on February 25, 1992 with a Road Stage, and is still open to this day with the 2.0 Remodel.


This location opened February of 1992 with a Road Stage, In the mid 1990s they would replace the stage with a 2-Stage most likely salvaging the animatronics from the Road Stage, They also most likely got a remodel during this time, and probably got a remodel in the early 2000s.

By 2007, the location had already received the CEC 2005 Remodel Program and got an expansion around October 2011 that was completed by June 2012.

In May 2024, they began the 2.0 Remodel in the interior and later the exterior by May 26th, 2024.


Stage Installed Removed Notes
Road Stage May 1992 Mid 90s One of three installed in Maryland.
2-Stage Mid 90s May 2024 One of five installed in Maryland.
Dance Floor + Video Wall May 2024 Still in Use 2021 Model