Celebration Station's W.O.O.F. Radio

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W.O.O.F. Radio was an animatronic show produced by Creative Presentations for Celebration Station from 1982 to 1989, being used in several of the chain's locations up through 2001.

Celebration Station's parent company, Whiteco, decided to officially end their relationship with Creative Presentations by 1990. Shortly thereafter, Sally Industries supplied the Daniel and the Dixie Diggers Trio + Jethro P. Hogg and The Rockin' Rascals animatronic shows for Celebration Station between 1991 and 1993.


Harry Hound

(Second Voice: Frank Gaughan) Harry is a white-furred dog who serves as the DJ for W.O.O.F. Radio. As Celebration Station's mascot, he also serves as the show's main host. He can be seen on the show's Stage Right.

Howard Le Trec

A small, reddish-brown-furred prairie dog located left to Harry Hound on Stage Right.

Purrscilla Purr

(Second Voice: Lorraine Denham) A brown-furred, curly blonde haired cat serving as the sole pianist and female vocalist for the Pantones on Center Stage.

Big Bear

(Second Voice: Mark Brink) A baritone-voiced panda that performs on drums and serves as the straight man of the Pantones on Center Stage.

Doc the Fox

(Second Voice: Gene Weygandt) A red-furred, youthful fox serving as the Pantones' electric guitarist on Center Stage.

Major Moose

(Second Voice: Larry Moran) The "weather-moose" of W.O.O.F, Major is a dimwitted bass guitarist that can be seen on Stage Left.


A yellow-feathered duck that serves as Major Moose's assistant on Stage Left.

Known Installations

Store Installed Removed Notes
Park Forest, IL (3200 W U.S. 30) 1982 Unknown
Rockford, IL (3600 E State St) 1982 1987
Bensalem, PA (1841 Street Rd) 1982 Unknown
Merrillville, IN (1000 E 80th Pl) 1982 2001
Springfield, PA (381 Baltimore Pike) 1984 1989
Fall River, MA (35 Mariano Bishop Blvd) 1990s 2007 Big Top Kiddie Playland (Former PTT Location)