Chuck 1992 (Costume Head)

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1992 walkaround head as seen in the 1993 Shows.

In late 1992, ShowBiz Pizza Time changed their walkaround head to look much closer to Chuck E’s friendlier artwork done by Peeler Rose Productions. This is the very first time ShowBiz Pizza Time drastically redesigned Chuck E’s appearance in walkaround form. Produced by Cowan costumes, the new additions to Chuck E’s design include, cartoony eye brows, curvy eyelashes, separate buck tooth, new pair of pink fur ears, and a new derby. Sculpt wise, this Chuck E head is the biggest sculpt from this style compared to future incarnations (1992-2012). The whites of his eyes is a separate plastic piece that is glued in place with his eyelashes to the head. The fur pattern on the head is not the same pattern found in the 1994-2012 models, the entire sculpt for this head is different from the 1994-2012 models. Chuck E’s bow tie is glued on and the derby bolts in place by the front and back of the head instead of being bolted by the sides like previous models. This walkaround head was in production from late 1992 til early 1993.