Cincinnati, OH (11400 Princeton Pike)

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Cincinnati, OH (11400 Princeton Pike) was a Pizza Time Theater location running from May 19,1982[1] till Fall 1984. It was a franchised location owned by "Electronic Theatre Restaurants"[2]


The store opened with the Balcony on May 19, 1982. They would receive Harmony, Madame Oink and Broadway Helen between 1982 - 1983 The store also featured a Lounge & Cabaret Act those being The King & Dolli Dimples[3]. This store would proceed to close in Fall 1984 with the show being purchased by Jungle Jim's International Market. Chuck E. Cheese, Pasqually, The Warblettes , The Flag Wavers, The King & Dolli Dimples were installed at Jungle Jim's between 1988 - 1995. It is unknown the fate for Munch, Jasper or Helen.


The Cassinelli Square Pizza Time Theater opened May 19, 1982, in the Cassinelli Square Mall. The store featured from the limited media known what was seen at your average Pizza Time Theatre. This store was untouched from opening as only 29 months after opening the store closed for good.

After closing the store would be repurposed by several different tenants such as "Beauti Mart"[4], and "Finish Line"[5]. From between 1993 - Fall 1994 the process of "de-malling" Cassinelli Square would begin. This would involve gutting the mall into just its outer shell then turning the former space into a "strip center". [6]As of 2024 the former shell of the mall is still being reused with the exact location of the Pizza Time Theatre within the mall unknown.