Clown (Animatronic)

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The CEI Clown's official Promotional Image from 1984.

The Clown Animatronic is a bot created by Creative Engineering Inc. for the IAAPA Trade Show on November 7th 1984.

Not much is known about the Animatronic aside from it eventually being moved into the CEI R&D Office (Jefferson Building) afterwards, & is currently being moved to the Creative Engineering Museum.


November 7th 1984, IAAPA Trade Show

The Clown was first installed at CEI's center in the Nov. 7th 1984 IAAPA Trade Show. It was given a basic showtape for this event. The bot was presumably not bought.

Current Day

Afterwards, The bot was sent to the Creative Engineering R&D Office, where it would be put in the basement, never touched. It remained there up until the early 2020's, when all assets from the R&D office would be moved to the CEI Museum.


The animatronic has a Red & Gold suit. The bot has a white & red head with a red nose. It has rainbow colored hair.

The bot is in a Red & Yellow base.


  • Head Left
  • Head Right
  • Head Up
  • Mouth