East Brunswick, NJ (647 NJ-18)

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The location's exterior on opening day.

647 NJ-18 was a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre that opened on March 5, 1984, and closed in 1986 (month and day unknown) with a Balcony Stage. Not counting modern locations, this was the second-to-last PTT in New Jersey. Unfortunately, information on the East Brunswick store is extremely scarce, but a photo of their exterior from 1984 is available, having been taken shortly after opening.

This store was located as another business in the Kmart building, which in fact was the only Kmart with two floors in New Jersey.


East Brunswick opened with a Balcony Stage, which would not last long. The location closed in 1986, and the fate of their bots is unknown.


East Brunswick's Chuck E. Cheese opened on March 5, 1984, with a Balcony Stage. Unfortunately, not much info is known about this location, other than one exterior photo, but no videos exist at the moment. In 1986 (month and day unknown), the location shut its doors forever for unknown reasons, but likely due to underperforming, a reason for many other stores closing at the time. Where exactly the store was in the Kmart is not known, but the most likely is a clothing store called The Clothing Center. As of August 2023, The Clothing Center remains.