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Electric Pizza Cabinet

Electric Pizza is an obscure Pizza Time Theatre arcade game from the early days of the company.

Only a few of the cabinets were ever produced, and allegedly the only one ever seen was possibly a hand-built prototype. The gameplay presumably consists of pressing the 3 colored buttons seen on the machine and hand cranking its wheel. These would most likely be done per instructions on-screen, or mashed as hard as possible. The objective of the game would be to create a pizza. There is no ticket dispenser on the machine, meaning it most likely scored the player on how well their pizza was made. A high score board is also likely to have been displayed.

eBay Listing

The only proof of the existence of this machine was from an eBay Listing[1] from 2013. The seller, crazyforet[2], put up a listing with a starting bid of $250, and $200 shipping. The sale ended on June 4, 2013 with no bids. It was relisted later on at a lower starting bid, ending with only a single bid on July 8, 2013, for $199[3]. The cabinet was located in Napa, California, possibly meaning it came from a nearby Pizza Time Theatre location.

Archive of the condition:[4]

“In good decent condition, Bottom edge has some deteration (particle board)Size: 45" tall x 19" wide x 18" wide”

Archive of the description:[4]

Attn: Chuck E. Cheese Collectors

I have had this game in storage for many, many years.  
I decided - it's time to "bring it out of the darkness" and let some loving collector enjoy it.
It's a very rare game that was used in the early years of Pizza Time Theatre. 
Simple operation, not much play value, but works fine and as it should. 
Very few of these were ever made.  I think this is one of the early hand-built prototypes. 
If you are a Chuck E. Cheese collector, don't miss out on this opportunity! 
I doubt you will see another one of these games ever listed!

Ebay would not let me do CALCULATED shipping rate. 
I am guessing $200.00 to cover expenses. 
If actual shipping cost is less, I will refund the difference. 
I do not want to make money on shipping expense.

Parts / Cabinet

Owners / Locations

Location / Owner Address Condition Notes
Unknown Owner Working Owner purchased machine on July 8, 2013 from eBay.