Eve of Destruction ft. Earle Schmerle

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Eve of Destruction ft. Earle Schmerle

Release Date: June 28, 2013

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Digital .wav (CEI)

Eve of Destruction ft. Earle Schmerle is a single segment showtape produced for the Creative Engineering YouTube channel.

The song was of Earl Schmerle singing Eve of Destruction in front of a green screen, with war and other political footage behind him. The video would be taken down by YouTube, and its subtitled release privated by Creative Engineering themselves.


While the original song release in 1965 was deemed controversial, and even banned in some parts of the U.S.[1], Creative Engineering's version featured changed and updated lyrics to reflect the current political climate of the time. The video did not go well with viewers of the Creative Engineering channel, even with their output of more adult shows at the time. Notably, the sole singer of the song Earl Schmerle, recites a slur towards the end of the song. After being privated, the original video would be removed in 2020 for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech.

Creative Engineering did not mention the song in the future. The company has released multiple digital showtapes from the early 2010's to fans with Rock-afire Explosion animatronics, though have not given any release Eve of Destruction. Despite the controversy of the slur staying with the company to the present day, the company has continued to use it as recent as October 2020 in the comment sections of videos.


On December 18, 2022, the Creative Engineering YouTube Channel would have their session token stolen from a fraudulent email and used to take over their channel to the prevalent at the time "Tesla Live" crypto scam. A result of this hack was the unlisting of all of the channel's privated videos, which would include the still up subtitled release of Eve of Destruction. The video would stay unlisted until December 25th, where Creative Engineering would have their channel control restored.[2] Alongside this listing, previous lost comments made by Creative Engineering about the controversy when the video was originally uploaded were unearthed.[3]

Show List:

  1. Segment 1
    1. Eve of Destruction

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Despite the videos being taken down, both thumbnails for the videos are still visible.