Glendale, AZ (6773 West Bell Rd)

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Glendale's exterior in March 2019 (PC: Google Maps)

6773 West Bell Rd., Glendale, AZ, Store #233/3219 was a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on June 29, 2005 and closed in May 2020 (day unknown) with a Studio C Beta, 16M. This was the 500th store to open, according to adverts.


This store opened with a Studio C Beta, 16m. Nothing special is notable about this stage, and it was removed during the 2020 closure.


Glendale opened on June 29, 2005 with the 2005 update to the 2003 "Cool Chuck" Reconfiguration / Major Remodel Initiative, which included some mid 2000s decor, Skytubes (known as Chuck E.'s Clubhouse during this time), and the Studio C Beta stage. One interesting thing about this location is that this was the 500th modern CEC location to open, according to advertisements.[1] However, in May 2020 (day unknown), the location closed permanently. A weird thing is that the Google Maps information about this location stated the location was temporarily closed, but it has been changed. As of 2024, it is remodeling to become a Dollar Tree.



Animatronic Serial Number Wheareabouts
Chuck E. Cheese 16m (Animatronic) N/A Unknown/Destroyed