Appleton, WI (2424 W College Ave)

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2424 W College Ave was a Showbiz Pizza Place that opened on May 22, 1983 with a Rock-afire Explosion, and closed in November 1985.


Appleton opened May 22, 1983 as ShowBiz Pizza Place in a unnamed shopping center. Unfortunately, information on Appleton is very scarce. In November 1985, the location closed down for unknown reasons, but it may be under performing, a reason for many other closures, After closure, it was split up into multiple businesses.


Originally when the store opened, they had a Rock-afire Explosion , as all other Showbiz locations had, but it would only have it for 2 years as in November 1985, the location closed for unknown reasons.

Stage Installed Removed
Rock-Afire Explosion May 22, 1983 November 1985 Last Showbiz Pizza Store to open in Wisconsin.


Animatronic Serial Number Whereabouts
Rolfe DeWolfe Unknown Unknown
Dook Larue Unknown Unknown
Fatz Geronimo Unknown Unknown
Beach Bear Unknown Unknown
Mitzi Mozzarella Unknown Unknown
Billy Bob Unknown Unknown
Looney Bird Unknown Unknown
Choo Choo Unknown Unknown
Sun Unknown Unknown
Moon Unknown Unknown
Antioch N/A Unknown