Irving, TX (2521 W Airport Fwy)

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Irving in April 2008 during redevelopment.

2521 W Airport Fwy was a Pizza Time Theatre that opened in 1983 (month and day unknown) and closed in November 1984 (day unknown) with a Balcony Stage.

This is not to be confused with Irving, TX (3903 W Airport Fwy), which opened as a ShowBiz Pizza on September 27, 1988 with Chuck E.'s House, and is still open today as a Chuck E. Cheese with the 2.0 remodel.


Irving opened with a Balcony Stage. After closure, on November 27, 1984, the store would hold an auction. The whereabouts of the bots today are unknown.


Irving opened in 1983 (month and day unknown) with a Balcony Stage. Barely any information is known about Irving's PTT, though. The location would close in November 1984 (month and day unknown). The store was auctioned on November 27, 1984. After that, the building was left vacant until it was redeveloped into other stores and again in 2008, when it was redeveloped into a market.