Jasper's Giant Hot Dog (PTT Menu Item)

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Jasper's Giant Hot Dog (PTT Menu Item)
"and a giant hot dog, which is a quarter-pound beef frank."


Price: (1982) $1.80, (1983) $1.99
Release Date: 1979
Removal Date: 1984


MenuGroup: Sandwich

Jasper's Giant Hot Dog was a Pizza Time Theatre menu item introduced in 1979.[1][2][3][4]

The item was a large hot-dog that came in a food basket with a cornichon pickle and chips. A smaller variant called the Kiddie Dog would be released later[5]


It is unknown the price of the item upon its release. By 1982 it would be priced at $1.80[6], and by 1983 it would be priced at $1.99.[7]

Recipe / Ingredients

The item is served in a woven food basket on top of either deli paper or wax paper. A toppings bar was available which offered onions, piccalilli, horseradish, and mustard.