Jungle Jim's RAE Sign (RAE Sign Retrofit)

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Jungle Jim's RAE Sign (Back)

RAE Sign Retrofit is a retrofit of The RAE Sign at Jungle Jim's International Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. (5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield, OH 45014)

The sign can be seen in front of the in the "Cheese Shop" section of the grocery store. The sign is hung from the ceiling faces the "Big Cheese" with the sign on the front stating "GROCERIES" With a giant yellow arrow above it. The sign on the back reads "Thru Beer & Wine". It features no use other than being for display.


The RAE Sign was originally installed at the Sharonville, OH (1429 E Kemper Rd) Showbiz Pizza which was eventually sold during an auction it was then eventually installed in the September 1995 Expansion of Jungle Jim's. This expansion would see the addition of Luigi (Pasqually Retrofit) and Birdies (Warblettes Retrofit). The RAE Sign was originally located in the "Hot Sauce & Fiery Foods" section of the store where the fire truck is currently located. In its original location the the sign was a red to yellow gradient with the red on the outer edge with yellow towards the middle. The sign read "Hot!" 10 times around the boarder and in the middle. The original lighting system was still used and would loop from the Outer Light through the Inner light. The sign was eventually removed and relocated in 2004 after the sign was replaced with the fire truck.

The sign was then relocated in 2004 to where it is currently located with it receiving a complete make over to remove all references to it being originally in the hot sauce section. the front of the sign was replaced with a solid red reading the word "GROCERIES" the back of the sign had a sign added on being white reading "Thru Beer & Wine". the pole that supported the sign was cut and lighting loop was removed. As of June 2022 it is still being used for display.