Kooser Flag Wavers (Animatronic)

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Kooser Flag Wavers (Animatronic) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: December 1978
Manufacturer: Fantasy Forest


The Kooser Flag Wavers was an animatronic created by Fantasy Forest in Late 1978 for the Pizza Time Theatre on San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Rd). The Bot was a collection of waving flags moving on one animatronic system.

The Bot was used until Kooser got the first Cyberamics Balcony Stage in May 1980.


The Kooser Flag Wavers were installed at Kooser in Late 1978 & where there on the store's opening day on December of 1978[1]. The Bots would move to the showtapes[2]. The Bot wasn't official listed in any public PTT material as an animatronic or character. They were mentioned alongside Winchester Flag Wavers (Animatronic) in the "The Great All-American Pizza Show" were their referred to as just "flags"[3]. The Bot would remain until May of 1980, when Kooser got thee first Balcony Stage. Their fate is unknown, though they were either sent back to the Pizza Time Theatre Sunnyvale, CA Corporate Office, or thrown out.


The Kooser Flag Wavers have several Flag Designs listed below:

  • American Flag[1]
  • Californian Flag[1]
  • Confederate Flag[1]
  • Italian Flag (?)


  • American Flags
  • Californian Flags
  • Confederate Flags
  • Italian Flags (?)