Large Jasper Plush (1996)

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Large Jasper Plush (1996) 


Price: $9.99
Manufacturer: Dennis Foland Inc.
Catalog ID: #5421


Dimensions: 15"
Color: Red, White
Label:Chuck E. Cheese's © 1996 ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc. Made in China
Label:ALL NEW MATERIAL Contents: Polyester Fiber ОН 17389 РА 5081 MA 1340 ME 3658 Dennis Foland, Inc. San Jose, CA

The 1996 Large Jasper Plush was a official product produced for the Prize counters in 1996 by Dennis Foland. Inc.


This plush was a part of Dennis Foland Inc's first set of original Chuck E. Cheese plushies.

The 1996 set introduced putting wires and cardboard pieces into the plush's legs and feet to give them the ability to pose and to stand upright on flat surfaces.


A prototype of this plush exists in the 1997-1998 Merch Catalog[1] with little to no difference in design.

Prototype Gallery


This plush was released in a set containing other characters and sizes:


The plush has a cylindrical body with two cylindrical legs. Its arms are curved with its right being in a waving position. His hands have a set of four detailed fingers. The construction of his head is very complex, using multiple different colored furs in many places. His snout is white with a big plastic nose and has eight orange freckles. His face has a creamy white color and surrounds his eyes, snout and mouth. It uses two embroidered lines to represent a smile and has a separate red felt piece attached to the edge of his mouth and snout to represent his tongue. The rest of his head is soft brown fur. His ears use black fur connected to a brown piece of felt. Depending on how well stitched they are, they can be floppy. His eyes are plastic pieces using black for the pupil and orange for his eyelids.

His hat uses a weird papery material with a red ribbon. He has a red bandana that can be untied and taken off. He's wearing a cow print shirt under his overalls, those overalls feature plastic buttons and a pocket. His shoes are red with white detailing and shoelaces.

Differences Between Smaller Size

There's little to no difference between this plush and the Small 1996 Jasper, but the biggest key difference between this plush and it's smaller size is the eyes. The large Jaspers eyes are more proportionate than the smaller versions eyes.