Mitzie (Parody Poster)

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Mitzie (Parody Poster) 


Release Date: 1988
Final Release: 1990


Dimensions: 36in x 24in
Text:What do you get when you cross a typical teenaged cheerleader with a dynamite red sequined dress?
Text:You get America's hottest new singer!
Text:Showbiz Parodies Presents a Mirror/Image production HY SKOOL CATHY TERIA PEPPER RALLY in "MITZIE" Music by BEN DLEEDR Original Lyrics by T. CHARZPET Sung by Mitzi Mozzarella Executive Producer Ring Binder Story by LES HOMEWORK Screenplay by MITZI BUSS & SKIP CLASS Produced by OTTO TORIUM
Text:A Showbiz Pizza Time Parody Poster Production © 1986 ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc.

The Mitzie was a poster created for Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese's in 1988.


This poster was one of the few Rock-Afire Explosion parody posters released in 1988. Once Concept Unification began this poster would cease production in 1990.

This poster has been re-released by Creative Engineering after Concept Unification after mass fanfare for the Rock-afire Explosion has been ignited in the 2000s.[1]


The poster is a parody of the 1982 film, Toostie, with Mitzi Mozzarella taking on the role of Michael Dorsey.

Much like Billy Bob in Beverly Hills Bob, Mitzi is also seen in an unusual human-like form, having a more defined body specifically created for this artwork. Specifically looking as if Mitzi's head is superimposed onto the body of the actor pictured in the original, Michael Dorsey.

Mitzi is seen in the same red dress seen in the original movie poster with a hairstyle more similar to the Michael Dorsey character.[2] Behind Mtizi is a large American flag, although the stars are interestingly blue as opposed to the standardized white.