NRAE Stage

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A promotional photo of the New Rock-afire Explosion, featuring both side turntables showing the first side.

The New Rock-afire Stage was a new stage designed in the 90s, seen through the New Rock-afire's life through various Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) throughout the 90's to early 2010's.


The stage features three stages containing separate visual scenes alongside their animatronic characters, and a turntable on each stage, the side turntables containing seperate visual scenes on each side.

Stage Right features a rotating stage with a wall, with Beach Bear and Window Looney Bird on one side, and Lab Looney Bird on the other side.

The side with Beach Bear would feature Beach bear in front of a tree, and a house on a beach. The tree would have a coconut that could lower from it to give the illusion of Beach Bear being hit on the head by the coconut. The house has a window that could lower to reveal the Window Looney Bird animatronic.

the Lab Looney Bird side features Looney Bird in a lab behind a desk. The desk usually features the "Looney Bird" text on the front of it. Behind looney bird is different prop equipment, some of which is painted onto the wall. There is also a candle with a light. The Looney Bird character on this stage would have reduced movement because of being behind a desk.

Stage Center features a rotating stage, with three smaller turntables. There is a character on each smaller turntable, the characters featured are Billy Bob, Mitzi, and Fatz. On the wall behind the turntable, is various props and lighting effects. There are 4 big speakers on the stage, which have movements on them. There is an organ, EQ equipment, horns, and 2 levers across the walls. Above the organ are 4 Neon music notes that light up. at the back of the stage are 2 neon signs that say "Rock-afire" and "Explosion". There are also various plastic half spheres of different sizes and colors placed on the back wall, and plastic music notes, along with a White circle, a lightning bolt, a star, and a heart, all of which have lights pointed at them.

Stage Left features a rotating stage with a wall, with a TV on one side, and Dook Larue on the other side. The TV side would feature the TV Animatronic, and a Pink wall with wallpaper, the wallpaper being White with Pink Rabbits. The other side would feature the Dook Larue animatronic, with a Junkyard theming. Dook standing in front of a house and tires.

The outside of the stage featured a Silver Sparkle curtain spanning across all three sub-stages. Silver Sparkle curtains would conceal the stages, before raising up when a show started. The show was also raised a few feet off the ground, making it just near the height of any tables that would normally block the view. Away from the stage would feature the character spotlights hanging from the ceiling, each pointed at the cast. A spotlight positioned on Stage Right's rotating stage would be pointed at Window Looney Bird.

Some stages would feature a shorter stage that allowed for Karaoke, This stage would be positioned either on Stage Right for some stage variants, or between Stage Center and Stage Left for standard stage variants. Usually Karaoke shows would feature the characters on Center stage singing along with parts of the song, and the lyrics on the TV, and a smaller Karaoke TV.

Early Iterations