NewsWatch 6 "Someplace Different" (1981)

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NewsWatch 6 "Someplace Different" (1981) 


Raw Name:Something Different
Release Date: March 24, 1981
Station: CBS Newswatch 6
Length: 1:00

The NewsWatch 6 "Someplace Different" News Cast is a March 24, 1981 news segment for CBS NewsWatch 6 discussing the at the time success of Creative Engineering, alongside its partnership with Showbiz Pizza Place.

The Altamonte Springs, FL (541 W Hwy 436) Showbiz Pizza is highlighted and shown during the footage.[1] A similar newscast would appear on the NewsCenter 2 Creative Engineering News Cast (March 24, 1981).


The segment is narrated entirely by Annetta Wilson, with some spoken moments by Aaron Fechter.

Annetta Wilson: Well, how do you turn a dream into a thriving business, a lot of fun, and good eating? I found out today that it all started with this man's idea. 27-year-old Aaron Fechter decided that with a little electronic know-how and the right vehicle, enjoying a meal would never be the same. So, his 100 employees at Creative Engineering welded, molded, sewed, and bolted together the most unique rock band around- the Rock-afire Explosion.

Billy Bob: Howdy folks, I'm Billy Bob.

Annetta Wilson: The band performs at ShowBiz Pizza Place, a new concept in dining out, but the most unique part of it is that it's all done right here in Orlando.

Aaron Fechter: "We like to do it all in-house so that we can keep control over it. The mask making, the fiberglass making, the metal work, and all of that, the music - everything we produce right here."

Annetta Wilson: The restaurant also has a huge game room for the more playful types. Fechtor started out as a one-man operation, so what's next? He says a recording career for the group."