Omaha, NE (225 N 76th St)

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Omaha's exterior with 2.0. (PC: Google Maps)

225 North 76th Street is a Showbiz Pizza Place/Chuck E. Cheese that opened on June 23, 1982 as a corporate location with a Rock-Afire Explosion and is still open to this day as a 2.0 with a Dance Floor and Video Wall.

It is located in the Heritage Plaza Shopping Center.

It should not be confused with the 2531 S 133rd Plaza location which opened on April 22nd, 1981 and closed in October 1985 with a Rock-afire Explosion.

This location has since become the only Chuck E. Cheese left in Nebraska after Lincoln closed in June 2020.


Omaha opened its doors on June 23th, 1982 as the 3rd and last Showbiz Pizza store in Nebraska and was a corporate-owned location. Like many other Showbiz Pizza locations, it had a typical SPP layout as seen in many other stores across the United States. Unfortunately, hardly any documentation of Omaha exists back when it was a Showbiz Pizza, though one exterior photo of it exists. It received the 1988 remodel in 1988-1989 removing SPP decor for newer SPP decor, and changing the Billy Bob stage. Omaha then underwent Concept Unification in around 1991, converting the Rock-Afire Explosion into Munch's Make Believe Band and removing all SPP decor for CEC decor, added Blue and White awnings, and the checkers. In the Late 90's, Omaha received the Phase 2 remodel removing older 90's decor, adding newer decor, and SkyTubes and Toddler Zone. Omaha would remain like this until August 2011 when they received the 2010 Update to the 2003 remodel removing older decor for newer decor, removing Showroom Walls, Balcony Seating, removed Toddler Zone, and relocated the stage, games, and other parts of the store. Omaha remained like this until April 2022 when they would receive the 2.0 Remodel removing the 3-Stage for the Dance Floor and Video Wall as well as removing older decor for newer decor, removed some games and added newer games, received new booths, received new carpeting, and 2.0 TVs. Currently, as of May 2023, Omaha still has the 2.0 Remodel and Dance Floor and Video Wall.


Originally, Omaha featured a Rock-Afire Explosion, as all other Showbiz locations did. Unfortunately, there are some photos but not a lot of videos to exist of Omaha with the Rock afire, or as a Showbiz Pizza in general. There does exist one exterior photo however.

Omaha got Concept Unification sometime in 1991.

In April 2022, Omaha received the 2.0 Remodel, thus removing their 3-Stage for a Dance Floor and Video Wall.

Stage Intalled Removed Notes
RockAfire Explosion June 1982 1991 3rd and last Showbiz Pizza store to open in Nebraska.
3-Stage 1991 April 2022 One of 2 Showbiz locations in Nebraska to receive Concept Unification.
Dance Floor + Video Wall April 2022 Stil in use Only 2.0 in Nebraska as it is the only Chuck E. Cheese left in the state.


Animatronic Serial Number Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese / Rolfe DeWolfe N/A Destroyed.
Pasqually / Dook Larue N/A Destroyed.
Mr. Munch / Fatz Geronimo N/A Destroyed.
Jasper T. Jowls / Beach Bear N/A Destroyed.
Helen Henny / Mitzi Mozzarella N/A Destroyed.
Billy Bob N/A Unknown/Destroyed.
cam / Looney Bird N/A Destroyed.
Munch Jr. / Choo Choo N/A Unknown/Destroyed.
Building / Sun N/A Destroyed.
Moon N/A Destroyed.
Antioch N/A Unknown/Destroyed.
Wink N/A Destroyed.