Orwell: A Robot You Control (Animatronic)

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Orwell: A Robot You Control (Animatronic) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: Unknown 1980's
Manufacturer: Showbiz Pizza Time Inc.


Orwell: A Robot You Control (Also, simply known as Orwell) was an animatronic attraction created for Showbiz Pizza Place in the mid to late 80's. The bot was a retrofitted Uncle Klunk or Country Klunk animatronic mech That gave patrons the ability to control the Mech using a control module.

Orwell was the first Showbiz bot to be produced by Corporate Showbiz & not Creative Engineering Inc..


Concept Art & Origin

Orwell Concept art
Concept art of Orwell saying "Showbiz Robotics Presents: Orwell -A Robot You Control-"

Orwell's bot was originally meant to be a standing mech in a box with a control module. It's unknown if this would have been a Klunk retrofit or new mech.

In Store

Beta/Cosmetic less Version

Orwell was originally a bare Klunk mech that was installed in the gameroom of an unknown Showbiz store. He would be given a token before speaking some lines. His mechanisms could be controlled using a control module.

Here's a transcript of Beta Orwell's Audio

Orwell: "Hello, My name is Orwell. I am here to obey Your every command. I have been programmed so you control my movements by pushing the buttons in front of you. I'm ready, when You are."

Final/Split Body Version

The Final Version of Orwell had a different voice & Split Body Country Klunk cosmetics. During Orwell's run, an odd pin was created saying, "I PUSHED ORWELL'S BUTTONS".


The bot was most likely either sold or destroyed at an unknown time.


Beta/Cosmetic Less Version

The Beta version of Orwell is a bare Klunk mech with no cosemtics. The bot is in a black box.

Final/Split Body Version

The Final version of Orwell is a split Country Klunk bot. The bot remained in the black box.


  • Head Turn (Left & Right)
  • Head Raise
  • Right arm raise
  • Right hand raise
  • Right arm turn
  • Left foot turn/raise
  • Left arm turn
  • Left arm raise
  • Left hand raise
  • Left hand grip
  • Eyes turn
  • Mouth open
  • Blink/Eyelid close
  • Eyelid raise
  • Lean Back