P. T. Bearum (Animatronic)

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P.T. Bearum at Wild Horse Saloon in Idlewild Park.

P.T. Bearum was an animatronic made by Creative Presentations for Craig Singer to be used in his restaurant chain called Sgt. Singer's Pizza Circus. He would play along with Sgt. Singer and Pounce D' Lion on the main stage of the restaurant.


P.T. Bearum was produced by Creative Presentations for Craig Singer and was used in Sgt. Singer's Pizza Circus sometime around 1982. At some point he would be rebranded by Creative Presentations so that they could sell the show elsewhere branded as Sgt. Striper's Review.

Another known show P.T. Bearum was in was Sgt Striper's Touring Band Show in Wild Horse Saloon from Idlewild Park in Ligonier, Pennsylvania .

Okamoto Amusements currently has the last variants of the band in their amusement park branded as Circus Band, with two other variants being sold off to somewhere.

It's known that Okamoto Amusements had at one point 3 band variants of Sgt. Singer's Band, but currently only has one left. For all the other P.T. Bearum animatronics it is unknown where they ended up, and are likely in junkyards or gone.


P.T. Bearum is a piano playing bear with brown fur, a curly hairstyle, brown eyes, and white gloves.

Barnyard Band

This was a farm themed variant of the band.

Beach Bums

This was a beach themed variant of the band.

Circus Theme (Official name unknown)

This was a circus themed variant of the band.


Current known movements are unknown, but based on limited info these were probably P.T. Bearum's movements.

  • Eyes
  • Eyelids
  • Head
  • Mouth
  • Left Hand
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Body



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