PTT Birthday Host/Hostess Performance Workbook (1981)

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The 1981 Birthday Host/Hostess Performance Workbook is a small employee handbook used for new Pizza Time Theatre hires to study for their Birthday Host review quiz.


The workbook is a short four-page document covering instructions and a list of questions to study and answer.

Workbook Instructions

The first section notes the procedure of the Birthday Host review quiz, stating a score of 80 or above is required to pass for full employment, though retakes of the quiz can be made at the manager's discretion. The manager is also stated to have discretion over discontinuing employment if the quiz is failed multiple times.

The section ends with advice on studying, such as reading the Birthday Host/Hostess Performance Manual, reading the workbook itself, and asking the manager or training supervisor for help.

Study Questions

The rest of the book details multiple quiz questions, with blank spots for filling out answers. These are:

  1. What is included in the Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Package?
  2. When is a party eligible for a free cake?
  3. How is a party table set?
  4. What would a party of 15 receive (pizzas, drinks, sundaes, tokens) on a Saturday?
  5. Why are the soft drinks delivered shortly before the pizza?
  6. What does the Birthday Host/Hostess do during the Chuck E. Cheese visit to the party?
  7. Write a sample birthday announcement.
  8. How does the Cyberamic control board tell you that the Birthday Skit is ready to play?
  9. When does a birthday party receive double tokens?
  10. What is a "mini-derby hat"?
  11. What do you do when a birthday party arrives, and they have not made a reservation?
  12. What is a comment card?
  13. What would a party of 9 receive (pizza, drinks, ect.) at 3:30 on a Thursday?
  14. Where is the birthday child's name written on the birthday cake?
  15. Where are the candles placed?
  16. What is your store policy on the days and times that birthday parties may be held?
  17. The Birthday Host/Hostess' main function is guest service. Explain.
  18. How long should it take you to set-up a birthday party for two adults and 10 children?
  19. How much would the above party cost?
  20. Once the party has left, your final duty should be to