PTT Salad Bar Manual (1983)

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Art of Roy L. Rabbit potentially featured in the manual.

The Salad Bar Manual is a lost Pizza Time Theatre manual for the 1983 Salad Bar program that was introduced into stores.


The manual is mentioned in The Pizza Times (Vol. 3, Issue 1, March 1983), giving a description of the manual and its accompanying program.

The manual was sent out in February of 1983 as the program rolled out to locations, though the Salad Bar Program itself was developed in the PTT Training Center & Test Kitchen in June of 1982[1], and was unit tested and an unknown set of locations in the San Francisco area beforehand which might have included the given manual.[2] By the summer of 1983, all stores received the manual and the program.

The character Roy L. Rabbit was also created for the program, which was featured in promotions of the program. Potentially some of the artwork of Roy was used inside the Salad Bar Manual.


The manual is described as being 80 pages long, with sections for:

  • Small-Wares
  • Ingredients & Specifications
  • Preparations
  • Salad Bar Layouts
  • Presentation

It is stated the manual focuses on the management of fresh ingredients as well, such as ordering procedures, receiving procedures, cost controls, sanitation, awareness of purchasing fresh produce, and produce preparation. The salad bar program could have a mix of 25-40 products depending on the store's size, which is presumably stated and discussed in the Salad Bar Layouts section.