PTT Winchester Restrooms Sign

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The Pizza Time Theatre Winchester Restroom sign first appeared at the first Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre on 370 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California from May 1977 to presumably the 1981 remodel.


Information about the production of this sign is almost non-existent, although we can presume it may have been originally designed as early as "The Big Cheese" restaurant floorplan creation. However, it was most likely produced from March 1977 to May 1977 pre-opening. 


Similar to many signs of the era, this sign was most likely store specific to Winchester, and was most likely put in storage or shipped to Corporate around the time of the 1981 remodel.


The design of this sign is fairly bland, showcasing the white text "RESTROOMS" in the standard Pizza Time Theatre font around the time, enclosed in a yellow border on top of a wooden board.