Pastel Stage

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The main stage.

The Pastel Stage is a custom stage for the Rock-afire Explosion seen at an unknown Showbiz Pizza Fiesta location.

It is presumed to have been in one of the two Guadalajara stores, namely the one that is known to have had a King animatronic, as the King's guitar is seen used on Billy Bob.


The stage features bright pastel colors, with a lot of the standard stage props being repainted to be brighter. Dook and Beach Bear's wood platforms are painted bright blue, while Choo Choo's stump is painted pink. Fatz's organ is painted bright blue, pink, and purple, while keeping the standard organ front in-tact. Dook's drum front is painted with bizarre bright shapes, with a pink rim on the inside of the drum itself.

The background is also a bright blue with a variety of shapes, on top being a few red neon signs. On Billy Bob's stage, the phrase 'Ordenes Para Ilevar' (Order to go / Take out order) is seen. Behind Mitzi, a neon sign in an unrecognizable shape is also seen. The edge of the stage is painted blue with a large white stripe going across the whole area.

The upper curtains are also a bright blue, with a white backside. The actual stage curtains are taken off, exposing the band even when they are powered down.

Rolfe's stage isn't visible in any of the photos, leaving the design and his potential costume unknown. It is also unknown what Looney Bird or his barrel looks like.

Costumes / Retrofits


The Mitzi seen wears a black sweater instead of the usual white, with no dickie attached. Her pom-poms have blue for the right hand, and white for the left hand. Her skirt is a blue version of her standard skirt, with the same white accents. Its unclear if her pigtail bows are a different color, as most costumes of Mitzi do change them out to a matching color.

Billy Bob

The only change to Billy Bob is that of his guitar, which has been replaced with The King's.


Dook is given white gloves, alongside not having his latex belt on.