Pittsburgh (North Hills), PA (9795 Perry Hwy)

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9795 Perry Hwy was a Showbiz Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza that opened on February 24, 1988 and closed on July 16, 1994 with a Chuck E.'s House. Sadly, not much information is known about Pittsburgh's old CEC.


Pittsburgh opened with Chuck E.'s House, the 4th one overall. Sadly, not much information is known about it, and was removed during the July 1994 closure.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Chuck E.'s House February 1988 July 1994 4th Rocker installed, 3rd finalized Rocker installed as well.


Pittsburgh opened on February 24, 1988 with Chuck E.'s House under the name Showbiz Pizza. They had the 1988 update to the 1986 SPT Remodel Program, featuring checkers, blue and white awnings, and neon signage. In 1991/1992, the exterior and road sign was changed to read Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza. On July 16, 1994, the location closed for unknown reasons. It was passed off to many businesses, and it is now currently a The Dog Stop location.