Program Blue

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Program Blue is a windows based program created by David “Big Ham” Ferguson in the early 2000’s. Originally in partnership with Aaron Fechter created as a better alternative to “Grey box” control system to control RAE’s, and be sold for a split profit. Since that deal fell apart David continued to develop ProgramBlue independently into what it is today.

Today ProgramBlue is the most commonly used control system for animatronic entertainment, powering Cyberamics, RAE, beagles, guest stars, Mjjins and more. In 2022 ProgramBlue made a breakthrough to be the first pioneer control system to decode Cyberstar TV to display music videos alongside the animation.

ProgramBlue works through many different controllers that can be purchased on, all of which are created by David Ferguson by hand. These controllers include;

Blue Spider 8: an 8 channel controller that can allow up to 8 movements, commonly used for people who only have one cyberamic.

Blue Lightning 8: an 8 channel controller that has outlets allowing for 8 different lights to be connected at a given time, which acts as a relay board, firing each light in time with your programming.

Microblue 24: most popularly used for single RAE characters the micro blue 24 allows for 24 movements.

Microblue 48: Provides double the amount of channels as the Microblue 24 in the same size controller.

Picoblue: An unreleased controller said to control servos, and control Mini Billybob shows.

NuBlue: A controller made to control “Mijjins”. With all the needed outputs for pneumatic and servo movements.

BlueBox: a 240 channel controller designed to control a full Rock afire explosion show. There have been three different releases of this control system since production began.

Cheezbox: A controller designed to control a full Chuck E. Cheese band, from Balconies, 2 stage, or even Cabaret characters. There have been two versions of this control system since production.

All of the controllers listed come with the ProgramBlue computer program upon purchase, but many fans have been known to buy the program without a controller to “blind program shows”. This concept became popular due to the simplicity of Programblue’s easy to use user friendly design. Programming shows has never been easier, and using ProgramBlue you can use any audio you wish, and program any show you wish without even looking.