Raleigh, NC (4339 Falls of Neuse Rd)

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The store's exterior back when it was open. PC: Unknown

4339 Falls of Neuse Rd was a Pizza Time Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina that opened in November 1980 (day unknown) and closed in October 1984 with a Cyberamics Portrait / Shelf Stage. It was the 20th Pizza Time Theatre to open.

This is not to be confused with the Raleigh, NC (3501-131 Capital Blvd) location, which opened in June 1988 as a Showbiz Pizza Place, converted to a Chuck E. Cheese's in 1991 (after the city went seven years without a Chuck E. Cheese) and still operates to this day with a 2019 model Dance Floor and Video Wall.


The store would open in November 1980 in the Wake Forest Square, with a Portrait/Shelf stage.

There is very little known about this location, with almost no known media of the store to exist, except for a possible exterior photo, confirmed interior picture, a program the store used in 1980, and information from a newspaper clipping detailing information for the PTT auction mentioning several locations, Raleigh being among them.

The store closed in October 1984 as one of the several locations to close due to the bankruptcy of Pizza Time Theatre the same year, after operating for almost four years. The show was one of several locations to sell their animatronics at the auction in Irving, TX, although the current whereabouts of the animatronics are unknown.


The store opened up with a Portrait/Shelf stage, recieving the typical guest stars of the time. They also had Dolli Dimples as their Cabaret show.


Animatronic Whereabouts
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) Unknown
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) Unknown
Chuck E Cheese (Cyberamic) Unknown
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) Unknown
Pasqually (Cyberamic) Unknown
Warblettes (Cyberamic) Unknown
Waving Flags (Cyberamic) Unknown
Applause Board (Cyberamic) Unknown
Drum Board (Cyberamic) Unknown
Dolli Dimples (Cabaret) Unknown