Riverside, CA (10121 Hole Ave)

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The site of the Hole avenue location.

10121 Hole Ave was a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre that opened in either 1981 or 1982 and would close in mid-1984 with a Balcony Stage.


Riverside opened with a Balcony Stage. Their first guest star would likely be Harmony Howlette, and then Madame Oink in 1982, and then finally Helen Henny in 1983. Other than this, there is basically nothing known about Riverside at all. After the 1984 closure, the fates of the bots became unknown, but they were most likely destroyed.


Riverside opened in either 1981 or 1982 with a Balcony Stage and the 1981 remodel, besides information on the Balcony Stage, there is basically nothing known about this location, as no photos or videos exist of this store anywhere. The store would end up closing in mid-1984 due to unknown reasons, but 2 theories suggest that it was due to underperformance, or due to that is was less successful than its Chicago Ave counterpart. The location would later become Crunch Fitness at some date, but they would end up closing, in turn making the location vacant again.