Rocky Mount, NC (730 Sutters Creek Blvd)

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Photo of the current exterior in October 2023. (PC: Carlos Angel Perez on Google Maps)

730 Sutters Creek Blvd, Store #387 is a Chuck E. Cheese location in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

The store opened on December 17, 2003 with a Studio C Cappa V2 in the Rocky Mount Towne Centre and is still open today with the 2.0 Remodel as of 2023. It is located along with a Hobby Lobby and Citi Trends, and is located next to former, and now vacant Big Kmart.


Rocky Mount opened in December 2003 in the Rocky Mount Towne Centre on Sutters Creek Boulevard. They opened with the Small-town Studio C V2 and was the second Cappa to be installed in North Carolina after the Goldsboro, NC location. Rocky Mount's Cappa was one of four Cappas in North Carolina along with Asheville, Jacksonville (now closed), and Goldsboro (now 2.0). Rocky Mount had almost the full set of Must C TV art pieces, except for the "CWO" piece. Prior to the stage removal, the 16M Chuck E. Cheese animatronic had the Rockstar shirt and the Avenger shorts. Around 2017, some walls were painted purple and a few signage and art was removed, giving the store a very minor interior remodel and a modernizing it a little bit. Pieces such as the "Salad Bar and Beverages" signs, "Air Hockey", "Men In Black", and "Soccer" artwork were taken down because of this. All Must C TV posters were kept during this remodel. Aside from this, the store remained unchanged. The Phase 3 exterior sign was also left untouched, not even painted red. Between 2021 and 2023, near the final years of the stage's operation, Chuck's clothing went back to the full Avenger outfit.

In the spring of 2023, Rocky Mount they started their 2.0 remodel. In April 2023, their Studio C Cappa would be taken out and replaced with the Video Wall and Chuck E. Live Dance Floor. Rocky Mount still remains in their 2.0 remodel today. The current whereabouts of Rocky Mount's bot are now unknown.


Stage Installed Removed Notes
Small-Town Studio C December 2003 April 2023 One of 4 Smalltown Studio Cs installed in North Carolina.
Dance Floor + Video Wall April 2023 Still in use. 2021 Model.


Animatronic Manufacturing date Status
Chuck E. Cheese 16m (Animatronic) 2003 Unknown.