San Agustin, Mexico

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San Agustin's Exterior (PC: Google Maps)

San Agustin, Mexico is a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on March 6, 2012 as the first Chuck E. Cheese location in the country of Mexico.



Before becoming a Chuck E. Cheese, the store was a former restaurant auction space. In 2012, CEC Entertainment won the bid and purchased the space. They then announced plans to open a Chuck E. Cheese location in Mexico.

A restaurant in Puerto Vallarta called "Chucky Cheeze" attempted to copy Chuck E. Cheese's. However, due to copyright infringement claims from CEC Entertainment, the restaurant was forced to close in 2012.

Early Years

The store opened in the Plaza Fiesta San Agustin Shopping Mall with a unique exterior that featured the 2005 Remodel design. It was also the only Chuck E. Cheese location in Mexico to have the Studio C Beta animatronic, while other locations had the Circle of Lights without bots. Additionally, this location was the first to offer a counter for coffee and desserts.

The Studio C Beta animatronic was originally dressed in the Avenger Outfit, but the hat was removed in 2013/2014. Unfortunately, the animatronic fell into disrepair and eventually lost its teeth.


In 2019, the San Agustin Chuck E. Cheese location underwent a unique remodel that combined elements of the 2.0 Remodel with the original 2005 Remodel.

The remodel kept the SkyTubes, the 2005 Remodel lettering, and the pink and white checkers. However, it also added the Rockstar Chuck sign and removed the Studio C Beta animatronic. The remodel kept the middle part of the stage and covered the other parts with Chuck E. and Pasqually posters.

The remodel replaced the original SkyTubes with Chuck E's Fun House.

The Avenger Chuck Sign was kept in the mall near the emergency exit.

In 2024, it was said that San Agustin had finally installed a Dance Floor and removed the remains of the Beta, however this hasn’t been 100% confirmed.

As of July 2024, the San Agustin Chuck E. Cheese location is still open with its unique remodel.