San Antonio (Stone Oak), TX (1403 N Loop)

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The exterior in 2017.

San Antonio (Stone Oak), TX (1403 N Loop), Store #565 was a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on January 8th, 2002 with a Studio C Beta.

This store is notable for being the first location to receive the 2.0 remodel in 2017.


This location opened with a Studio C Beta, featuring the 32-movement Chuck E. Cheese animatronic. created by Garner Holt. The show would remain in good condition for most of its life, the character's head up movement would be stuck for its last few months of operation. It's worth noting that in 2009, the character would get the "Avenger" shorts and shirt while keeping the hat from the "Cool Chuck" outfit. In late 2017, Studio C would be removed and replaced with the first 2.0 version of the Chuck E. Live Stage (Dance Floor).


Not much from this location's early years is known or documented. In July 2007 Stone Oak would undergo the 2005 remodel while keeping the original recessed can lighting and exterior. In late 2011 or early 2012, the exterior was updated to match the 2005 remodel exterior. The original recessed can lights would be upgraded to fluorescents in November 2013.

In June 2017 Stone Oak would begin a remodel which at the time was completely unknown in what it was and how it would eventually become the future of the company. This remodel would involve completely renovating the exterior and interior into a brand new concept now known as 2.0. The grand reopening for the first 2.0 store happened on August 9, 2017.[1] As of July 2022 TVs on the bio decals have been removed and replaced with the bio posters being installed on top of the original bio decals.


Link Description - Chuck E. Live performance of Birthday 2009 2009-2010 News 4 Trouble Shooters segment on the Kid Check system in the San Antonio locations. April 9, 2009 Studio C Beta playing segment 1 of the January 2009 Show. April 9, 2009 Chuck E. Live Performance of Chuck E. March April 2009 Studio C Beta playing segment 3 of the April 2009 Show. May 6, 2009 Studio C Beta playing segment 3 of the September 2009 Show. November 13, 2009 Chuck E. Live performance of Cupid Shuffle (2010) January 29, 2010 Studio C Beta playing segment 2 of the April 2010 Show. 2010 Chuck E. Live performance of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (2009 Road Show) April 6, 2010 2021 Store tour November 8, 2021



Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese 32m (Animatronic) Unknown Sent to Brownsville, TX (2800 N. Expressway).