Santee, CA (275 Town Center Pkwy)

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Exterior a few days before opening, September 15th, 2023

Santee, CA (275 Town Center Pkwy), Store #207 is a Chuck E. Cheese that opened on September 18th, 2023 with a Dance Floor and Video Wall.

This store opened as the fourth 2.0 in the San Diego area (Oceanside is also a suburb of San Diego, which received 2.0 in 2021), and is the newest CEC to open in California since Los Angeles (2706 Wilshire Blvd) opened in April 2014 (Fairfield (1027 Oliver Rd) reopened as CEC in July 2022, so they are not new to CEC).


Pre-CEC 1995-2023

Before development on the store started, the space was a Hometown Buffet which presumably closed in 2017. The Hometown Buffet received generally poor reviews online, with the restaurant sitting at 3.0 stars. The store would stay vacant for several years after closing, with a Google Street View from January 2022 still showing the Hometown Buffet sign still on the building.

CEC 2023-Present

In January 2023, a bid appeared on Parkway Construction's (the company that does the 2.0 Remodels) website for the store, which around the same month, an article from titled "First New Age Chuck E. Cheese Location Set to Open in San Diego" would release, discussing about the store and mentioning that the store would open as early as Summer 2023.[1]

By June 2023, the store would begin its conversion process to a Chuck E. Cheese.

On September 18th, 2023, the store had its soft opening. The store had its Grand Opening on October 12th, 2023.

Arcade Machines


  • Terminator Salvation
  • Crossbow Master: Chuck E. Cheese's
  • Whack N' Win!
  • Batman (x2)
  • Big Win Super Spin
  • Full Tilt
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  • Connect 4 Hoops
  • Alley Roller Classic (x4)
  • Skip Time (Active Season Version)
  • Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Tokyo
  • Avengers 1-player Coin Pusher
  • Super Bikes 3 (x2)
  • Nitro Trucks (x2)
  • Nerf Arcade
  • Red Hot
  • Wicked Tuna 2-player
  • NBA Hoops Matrix (w/o marquee)
  • Power Roll
  • Treasure Quest
  • Willy Crash
  • Sky Riders
  • Carnival Cups
  • Despicable Me Jelly Lab
  • Air Hockey
  • Clutch Shoot
  • Tons of Tickets
  • Fast & Furious: SuperCars (x2)
  • Black Hole
  • Monopoly Roll 'N Go
  • Quik Drop
  • Harpoon Lagoon (w/o marquee)
  • Mega Blaster
  • Plinko
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Ticket Coaster
  • Pop the Lock
  • Tight Rope
  • Halo Fireteam Raven (2-player)
  • Hoop it Up
  • Lumber Jack
  • Centipede Chaos
  • Ticket Monster
  • Real Heroes Fire Rescue



Santee features a Chuck E. Live Stage and Video Wall.

Stage Installed Removed Note
Dance Floor Late August 2023 In Store 2021 Model
Video Wall August 2023 In Store 2021 Model


Link Description Filming Date A tour around the store's exterior progress mid-construction. July 10th, 2023