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Sharonville's Exterior (2023)

Sharonville, OH (1429 E Kemper Rd) #738 originally opened up October 21, 1981 as a Showbiz Pizza then closing its doors January 8, 1984. The store would then re-open on September 8, 1992 as a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza still open to this day now as a Chuck E. Cheese.


The store opened with the Rock-afire Explosion on October 21, 1981. They would receive Klunk in 1983 as part of The Amazing Uncle Klunk Traveling Show (Event). They would also retain Klunk retrofitting him into Santa as part of Santa On Stage Show 1983 (Event). on January 8, 1984 the store would cease operations removing the Rock-afire Explosion.

On September 8, 1992 the store would re-open as a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza now featuring a 2-Stage

throughout the years the 2-Stage would have cosmetic changes done to it throughout the 2000s. Between 2002-2004 Chucks Tux would be removed for his "Cool Chuck" attire, Between 2006 - 2009 the stage would receive more changes such as replacing Helen's dress removing the old patch design, & Pasquallys eyelids being repainted from brown to peach, Between 2013-2014 Helen would receive a new mask.

In 2018 the CRT would be replaced with a flat screen in March 2018. It would then sit in the trash until May 2020 (outliving the stage by 5 months). In September 2018 the Cool Chuck shorts would be replaced with the Rockstar Jeans. On October 30, 2019. the MMBB Sign, Munch's hat, Jasper's hat, & Pasqually's hat were taken by managers.

The complete Head & Shoulders for all five characters would be sent to Florence for parts. Due to Florence's remodel they would be destroyed in 2021.

Stage Debuted Removed Notes
Rock-afire Explosion October 21, 1981 January 1984
2-Stage September 8, 1992 October 30, 2019
Chuck E. Live Stage (Dance Floor) October 30, 2019 Still In Use 2019 Model


The Sharonville, OH Showbiz Pizza Place opened up October 21, 1981 as the 1st Showbiz Pizza Store in Ohio. The store featured The Rock Afire Explosion, "60 New Games, Billy Bob's Oven-Fresh Pizza, Sandwiches, Salad Bar!" & more. [1] In 1982 apart of support for the Bengals getting into Super Bowl XVI Showbiz Pizza ran a promotion at Sharonville, OH & Cincinnati, OH (8801 Colerain Ave).[2] The event would happen January 24th in which you'd watch the event on a "Wide Screen TV" and also bring in cans of soup in return "Four Free Game Tokens and the soup goes to charity".

On January 8, 1984 the Showbiz Pizza Place would close as "part of a series of 40 closings and sales designed to trim operations in "over-saturated" markets.[3]

In 1985 a night club named "Sneaker's" (also known as Sneaker's Nite Club) would open up inside the former Showbiz Pizza Place[4] Soon after the night club would be renamed "Sneakers of Cincinnati"

In 1987 "Sneakers of Cincinnati" would close due to failing to pay rent. An auction would be held on December 29, 1987 at 10:00am. Some of the items sold were "Doors, rug, telephones, broken chairs, store bus, records, mike stand, sander, jars, heavy duty Sawz-all, 3 backgammon boards & dice, 2 malt makers, 18 unit locker, 4 chairs, volleyball, display cases, trivia pursuit game, 2 large rolls of drapery fabric".[5]

The property would sit vacant until January 1991 when the property would be put up for sale with it being advertised as "TRI-COUNTY 1429 E. Kemper, formerly Sneakers Nite Club, 10,000+ S.F. on 1.66 acres, F.F. & E. included Excellent retail opportunity in heart of Tri-County".[6] later that year in August 1991 "Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc" would purchase the property for $675,000[7]

On September 8, 1992 the Sharonville, OH Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza would open. The store was one of the first to receive SPT 1992 Remodel Program and also obtain the 2-Stage. [8]It would retain the layout of the Showbiz Pizza Place but with changes done by Sneakers of Cincinnati such as installing a walkway into the kitchen on the left of was originally the Salad Bar. This would mean the Food Tray would be installed in the kitchen instead of out front for any guest to access. Louisville, KY (5743 Preston Hwy) would begin showing up on the advertisements despite not being nearby to other locations on said advertisements. The store is removed in November 1997 after closing.[9]

on November 23rd, 1993 (10am-7pm) a "Informational Open House" was held by "Chuck E. Cheese's/ShowBiz" to tell restaurant managements the facts about their growth in 1993 and their "livable" schedules.[10]

In 1996 they would receive Phase 1 (1994) During this they'd install the Skytubes, a New Game Package, and Kid Check the store would also receive new artwork such as the magazines and sports fixtures. During this revamp the "Kiddie Ride" area would have the Munch (1991 Portrait), Jasper (1991 Portrait) Helen (1991 Portrait), Chuck E. Cheese (1991 Portrait) & Ball Bath Sign removed for new artwork / sports fixtures such as Munch Empire State Building (SPT Décor), Toddler Town Sign (SPT Signage), Red Crayon, Blue Crayon, Ruler, Star (6') x2, Rolling Stone (Magazine), GQ Chuck E. Charming, Soccer (Magazine) Hollywood (1991 Postcard), & Wild West (1991 Postcard)

Between 1997 - 1999 they would then receive Phase 2 (1997) this would be when they'd redesign the prize counter & a new game package.

Lastly between 2000 - 2003 they would receive Phase 3 (2000) with the Toddler Zone installed next to the kitchen in the former "Toddler Town" section.

In Fall 2005 Sharonville would receive the CEC 2005 Remodel Program being one of the first in the country to receive the remodel. Due to this the store would keep its dim lighting.

In 2010 Sharonville would receive a minor update to the store replacing all the dim lighting with fluorescent lighting. Addition of several pieces of artwork such as two pieces from the CEC Warhol - Quad (CEC Décor) set, "Celebration" (CEC Décor) and "Family" (CEC Décor)

In Winter 2014 the store would receive another Game Package replacing/removing several older games such as Tower of Power & Chuck E. Cheese's Photo Ride (1997). The Photo Ride being replaced with Chuck E. Cheese's Photo Ride (2014)

In April 2016, the Skytubes were removed allowing for increase in games. Along with that the signage for the Toddler Zone was removed and lastly Sharonville would receive a Game Package with several games older games being sent to other stores in the district.

On December 8, 2017 the back wall of the Toddler Zone was painted the same green as seen in the 2015 Update. One of the Cool Chuck Logo (CEC Signage) would be removed & the Toddler Zone fort would be moved to the back wall during this.

After Cincinnati, OH (8801 Colerain Ave) closed n unused roll of carpet, Train Ride Statue, Tik Tak Chuck Statue, One of the CEC Warhol - Quad (CEC Décor) posters, "Good Behavior Guideline" sign, & The menus were sent to Sharonville. The menus, "Good Behavior Guideline" sign, & roll of carpet were quickly trashed.

On October 8, 2019 Sharonville started it's 2.0 remodel with the stage removed on October 30, 2019 for the Dance Floor.

November 30, 2019 would mark another new game package for Sharonville. One of the new rides was Chuck E. Cheese's Color Photo Ride (Avenger, 2019) which was a manufacturing error leading to brand new Avenger Chuck statues being installed in 2019. When replacing the bathroom doors one of the doors was saved and reused for doors for the control room.

The Grand Re-Opening would take place on December 12, 2019 with the remodel being fully finalized in January 2020. For a brief time in 2020 photos of the exterior pre and post 2.0 were installed on the control room doors. In February 2020 the Train Ride Statue from Cincinnati, OH (8801 Colerain Ave)was put as display on the Prize Counter. Then in late 2020 the old Tik Tak Chuck statue replaced the Train Ride Statue.


Link Description Footage Date
YouTube Shows the stage playing Birthday 2009 2009
YouTube Shows the stage in 2013 playing April 2013 Segment 6 April 16, 2013
YouTube Shows the stage in 2016 playing "In The Future" March 30, 2016
YouTube Shows the stage in 2017 playing "Chuck E.'s Place" May 13, 2017
YouTube Store Tour showcasing the store less than a year before 2.0 August 11, 2018
YouTube Shows the stage in 2019 playing "Gamin' Time" May 4, 2019
YouTube Documentation of the store during the remodel October-December 2019
YouTube Footage of the grand re-opening, store tour, and live show. December 13, 2019



Character Serial Status
Rolfe DeWolfe 4-81 1-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Dook Larue 4-81 2-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Fatz Geronimo 4-81 3-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Beach Bear 4-81 4-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Mitzi Mozzarella 4-81 5-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Billy Bob 4-81 6-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Looney Bird 4-81 7-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Choo Choo 4-81 8-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Sun 4-81 11-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Moon 4-81 11-5 Unknown/Destroyed
Antioch N/A Unknown/Destroyed
Uncle Klunk N/A Unknown/Destroyed
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) Unknown Parts sent to Florence. Now destroyed.
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) Unknown Parts sent to Florence. Now destroyed.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) Unknown Parts sent to Florence. Now destroyed.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) Unknown Parts sent to Florence. Now destroyed.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) Unknown Parts sent to Florence. Now destroyed.
Wink N/A Unknown/Destroyed