Showbiz Computer Fun Fair

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The ShowBiz Computer Fun Fair Cabinet

The ShowBiz Computer Fun Fair was an arcade machine present in ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurants sometime around 1982-1983.[1][2]


The Computer Fun Fair was a coin-operated timed experience where the user could play 5 different games until their given play-session ran out of time.[3] The selection was titled "Billy Bob's Crazy Computer Games", with each having a labeled skill level.

  1. 6 Double Games (All)
  2. The Talking Machine (Beginner)
  3. Face Maker (All)
  4. Minus Mission (Intermediate)
  5. Lemonade Stand (Advanced)

Users could also check the time they had remaining from this screen.

The Talking Machine

This game would allow users to type in any word they wanted for the game to speak back to them. A filter list was created to prevent users from putting swear words into the prompt, reportedly either notifying "I can't say that" or "Billy Bob can't say that".[4][5]


The Fun Fair was a modified Apple II computer fit inside a large cabinet with a custom keyboard. The game software was loaded on two 5-1/4" floppy drives.[5] Its voice capability was likely through the Echo II Voice Card.[4]

It is noted that the filter list for the Talking Machine game was updated multiple times as users found ways to get around the filter, meaning the software has multiple versions out there.[4]


The game was produced by ShowBiz Pizza Place, with some unknown involvement in the design process by Creative Engineering.[4] The game would also be featured in a lost commercial from the era.[5]