Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, Australia

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The Store's Exterior, May 1981

2 Cavill Avenue was a Charlie Cheese's Pizza Playhouse that opened in March 1981 with a Portrait Stage & closed in 1982. This location is not to be confused with Carina, Queensland (1151 Creek Rd) which opened after the closure of Cavill or ???, Australia which is set to open in spring or summer of 2024.

This was the very first location outside of the United States, and the first of almost 3 Chuck E. Cheese stores in Australia.


Cavill opened with one of the last Cyberamics Portrait / Shelf Stage with the Stage having balcony elements, decor, & a Cheese Crawl. Cavill also opened with Dolli DImples as their one & only Cabaret act.

Name Installed Removed Notes
Cyberamics Portrait / Shelf Stage March 1981 1982 Balcony & Portrait Hybrid.


In 1981, After PTT went public, plans were made to develop international locations, a location was set to open in Australia. The location was in a entertainment venue called "Grundy's Paradise Centre" in Surfer's Paradise, Queensland. The location had a Balcony styled Shelf Stage, Dolli Dimples as the Cabaret act, and Madame Oink as the guest star. The Showtape used was probably either Around the World with Madam Oink or Madame Oink III - "Tunnel of Love". The location would be featured on an Australian News Broadcast in 1981 & another the same year. The Location closed in 1982 & was relocated to Creek Road in Carina, Queensland.

Arcade Machines

TODO: Add a list of every confirmed arcade & ride used at the store.


Animatronic Manufacturing Date Whereabouts Notes
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown Madame Oink Cosmetics.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown
Pasqually (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown Had Portrait Mechanics.
Warblettes (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown
Dolli Dimples (Cabaret) Unknown Unknown


Link Description Date Filmed A lot of News footage showing the game room, dining room, Cabaret Room, & Portrait Show. 1981 News Footage Showing the game room & Cabaret Room. 1981