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Exterior, 2019

14308 Dale Mabry Hwy, Store #430 is a Chuck E. Cheese that opened in July 1991 with a Road Stage. This store was the 10th Road Stage constructed, the 4th store to open up as a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza location in the state of Florida.[1]

This location should not be confused with 13210 N Dale Mabry Hwy which was a Pizza Time Theatre location that opened in August 1981 and closed in 1984 with a Balcony Stage & 12707 Dale Mabry Hwy which opened as a Showbiz Pizza Place on November 24th, 1981, and closed in August of 1986.


This store debuted with a finalized version of the Road Stage retaining everything that came with a road stage past the couple of prototype stages prior. Mr. Munch & Pasqually's had their PTT movements for the 1st couple of years the store was opened. In 1993 the store would switch out his Pasqually's arms movement for ones resembling Chuck E's while Mr. Munch would retain his movements up until the conversion of the store in 1994.

From 1994 to 2019 they would receive a 2-Stage to replace their Road Stage alongside all of the parts to give Mr. Munch & Pasqually their 2-Stage arm movements & Jasper's Cheese Guitar. In 2006 with their 2nd major expansion, they would receive the Phase 4 update which removed the Phase 3 Sports Shelves surrounding the stage & the extra TV's surrounding it, they would replace Chuck E's Tux Outfit with his Avenger Outfit, but Chuck E. & Helen still kept their microphones. They would also receive the Jasper animatronic from Lakeland, FL (3558 US Hwy 98) in 2006. The 2-Stage was also planned to be removed for a Studio C Beta but the plans fell through due to the height of the ceiling causing issues.

Post early 2010's they would remove the orange dimmed lighting from the gameroom & showroom, alongside the showroom walls shortly after following the removal of extra TV's hanging on columns outside of the showroom. In late 2011 they would remove the décor surrounding the television on stage replacing it with a generic flat screen Samsung TV, the removal of the showroom walls & balcony seating era was also evident around this time. Sometime in Pre-2012 Munch & Pasqually had their body turns unlocked allowing them to move left & right alongside their heads. In 2013 they removed Chuck E's Avenger Hat & Jasper's Cowboy Hat to fit in more with the branding of Rockstar Era.

In Late 2014-Late 2016 the show had following into a deep state of disrepair with barely any of the animatronics working at all with Munch being in the best condition (only lacking his hand movements & his left eye color being faded out) while Chuck E. & Helen being in the worst condition during that time, the show was still better than Brandon, FL (The only other 2-Stage in Florida & closest location next to it) but it wasn't much of a competition since both were below average around that time. On March 23, 2016, the brief time Grant came by the store he reenabled the curtains for Chuck E's stage, being able to use them for live shows in the near future. Munch still had his body turn function unlocked & it would remain this way for the rest of stage's life.

Stage Repair/Additions

On August 26, 2016, Grant joined as Assistant Tech for the gameroom & showroom, and he started to repair up the show to make it at least functional again. By December 18, 2016, Munch & Jasper Mechs were operational again with only a few hiccups (Munch's left hand was raised up too high & Jasper's right-hand movement was a bit stiff, his spotlight needed to be fix) alongside some progress towards the other 3 animatronics with Pasqually being the next most operational as his head turn was static & arms movements being stiff. Helen did receive a rare nametag patch on her dress. The stage also received a revamp in terms of the lights being more functional & neon strips being added to the city background to make it stand out. March 23, 2017, Helen's head down, head turn, body turn started to function properly again, on April 29, 2017, she received blonde hair + a repaint to make her resemble her Cheerleader Outfit hair color, Neon strips were added to the Chuck E Cheese Sign Area, MMBB Sign, Munch's Organ, Pasqually's bass drum, & The Wink. May 11, 2017, Jasper's mech became near functional again (Jasper only lacking his spotlight), the other 4 characters seeing more improvements towards their mechs with only Munch's needing to be tweaked & Pasqually still lacking his head turn. 2 weeks later on May 25, 2017, Munch & Pasqually became fully functional properly, Jasper regaining his spotlight & Chuck E's eyes can move back & forth again. July 19, 2017, Chuck E re-received his Avenger Hat & his right-hand swing was functional again. The dual hanging disco ball lights were now functioning + general improvements towards the lighting, August 10, 2017, Helen's arm swing movements were fixed, Oct 10, 2017, Chuck E. & Helen got new eye turns & eyelids. Nov 2, 2017, Helen & Jasper were completely repaired after a year of barely functioning, Dec 24, 2017, Chuck E. got his left-hand swing repaired which placed the whole band back into complete operation baring some cylinder & air pressure adjustments to be made, Pasqually's body turn was unlocked again prior towards pre-2012. During certain live shows custom use of the curtains are used to start or end shows with them working up until March 2019 13 years after they've stopped being programmed for shows.

This was one of the more notable stages in terms of Cyberamics with the number of custom designs/adjustments added towards the stage to give it more of a flare as an appealing viewing experience. This 2-stage featuring plenty of Neon Strips surrounding the background & instruments on the stage that would glow-up during segments of the show shows, they would expand the color of the MMBB giving it the option to have a neon effect during some custom programing. This stage was also known for its custom decorations, re-additions of old stuff from past eras, and for Its expansive seasonal decorations that would mostly show up for Christmas. They even removed the Cyberamics Helen from stage once for Live Show Contest, but she was brought right back after the end of the day.

2.0 Stage Remodel

The era of animatronics for this store came to an end in August 13, 2019, when the 2.0 remodel started to happen, with the animatronics being removed shortly afterwards on the night of August 28, 2019. The animatronics were saved instead of being destroyed like most others during the 2.0 process. The grand re-opening for the location happened on October 3rd where Rockstar Chuck E. was present to greet the folks on that day alongside a giant inflatable Chuck E. outside the building. This location had the standardized 2019 2.0 design with it retaining mostly all of the 2.0 art, fixtures, menu, & etc. The Chuck E. Live Stage is however notable for having a custom arrangement of TV's surrounding the stage with one TV on each end, and two TVs in the middle on each side.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Road Stage July 1991 1994-1995 One of 6 installed in Florida.
2-Stage 1994-1995 August 28, 2019 One of 4 installed in Florida.
Dance Floor August 21, 2019 Still In Use 2019 Model. Was originally supposed to get 2.0 in around 2017-2018. Upgraded to 2021 Model in April 2023.
Video Wall April 2023 Still In Use Added in April 2023.


14308 Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL was a Corporate Owned Chuck E. Cheese Pizza location that would open up on July 1st, 1991, with Games 91' being the 1st showtape played at the store. This location was located in Paramount Plaza in its own little area of the plaza surrounded by mini shops to the left & right of the building, the entrance was inside of the plaza with the back of the building being where most of the space is at for the location. In fact, this location was only 0.7 miles away from Pizza Time Theatre that opened in Tampa a few years back Tampa, FL (13210 N Dale Mabry Hwy) & 1.1 miles away from Showbiz Pizza Place that used to be located in Tampa, FL (12707 Dale Mabry Hwy) which was besides a Kmart.

Phase Remodels

In 1991 the store 1st opened with a pretty standardized layout at the time with a Ball Bath & checker pattern designs on the walls. In 1994 the location received the Phase 1 update which included Kid Check, Skytubes, & new artwork alongside record posters & sports décor in the showroom. Then in 1997 a major expansion in terms of general layout changes & receiving the Phase 2 update with a whole new game section near the back of the store which used to just be storage, a new game package, & a bit of a rework of the in-store layout like the showroom wall entrance being moved further up. [2] Sometime between 2000-2002 they would receive a Phase 3 update which would remove the ball pit for a Toddler Zone area alongside a new game package, this store would retain many of the Phase 2 artwork & design though. This would be followed in 2006 where the store saw its 2nd major remodel as it updated the store into a Phase 4 removing most of the Phase 2 & Phase 3 artwork and décor for the kids and parody posters etc., the only surviving pieces of artwork includes some of the 2000's postcards posters & the showroom entrance logo. This location would also receive a new game package, curtains being turned off, dimmed lighting being removed from the showroom. In 2012 they would their last significant update in 2011-2012 where they would receive the 2010 remodel which removed the extra TV's outside of the showroom, removal of the showroom walls & balcony seating, the dimmed orangish lighting inside of the building being turned off, & the reduced size of the toddler zone. In 2014-2015 they would completely remove the Skytubes & Toddler Zone for Chuck E's Bumper Cars, finally in 2018 they would change up the layout in the entrance inside of the store to widen up the gameroom & make it more open this however would be reverted back in late 2019 with the 2.0 remodel. In 2017 they were one of the 5 Florida test locations for Chuck E. Cheese Menu items to be delivered via UberEats. [3]

2.0 Store Remodel

On October 3rd the location reopened with CEC 2.0 Remodel which removed everything from Phase 3-4 to make the restaurant appear sleeker & more modern with new artwork resembling a more basic but standard design. The layout for the store didn't really change asides the dance floor now facing east instead of north unlike the 2-stage, the arcade machines & rides being more spaced out, the store's entrance reverting back to its 2010 remodel layout. In April 2023, the 2019 model Dance Floor was replaced with a 2021 model and a Video Wall was added.

Arcade Machines & Rides

  • Please keep in mind most of guess dates are a general estimate on when they got removed/installed from a location & this section might be updated later for more accurate information. However, all of the games listed below has shown up in this location, so the games listed here are accurate with proof for around half of them coming at a future date.
Arcade Machine/Ride Installed Removed
After Burner Climax 2014 2018
Air Hockey 1991 1997
Alleyroller 2015 Still In Use
Aliens Extermination 2017 Still In Use
American Train Ride 2007 2013
Arctic Thunder 2002 2012
Barney Train Ride 2002 2013
Barney Tractor Ride 2021 Still In Use
Basket Fever 2002 2015
Big Bass Wheel 2009 Still In Use
Big Mouth 2000 2000 2009
Big Win Super Spin 2010 Still In Use
Black Hole 2018 Still In Use
Bob The Builder Scoop Ride 2002 2013
Bop 2 Win 2017 Still In Use
Brave Firefighters 2009 2016
Bubble Hockey 1991 1995
Buster Bubbles 2007 2016
Buzzy Buzzy Bee 1997 2016
California Speed 2002 2014
Can Alley 1991 2003
Canning Master Mr. Brown 2013 2017
Cars Arcade 2019 Still In Use
Carousel Ride 2002 Still In Use
Cavemania 1997 2001
Chase HQ 2 2013 2019
Chatty Chuck E. 2002 2014
Cheeky Monkey Football 2013 2017
Chuck E's Air Hockey 1997 2014
Chuck E.'s Air Hockey (2017) 2019 Still In Use
Chuck E's Big Rig 2012 2019
Chuck E's Birthday Party 2013 2018
Chuck E's Bumper Cars 2014 2019
Chuck E. Cheese's Coloring Book 2002 2011
Chuck E's Country Acres 2004 2014
Chuck E's Duckies 2002 2014
Chuck E. Cheese's Flyin' Fish 2000 2007
Chuck E's Free Fall 2007 2011
Chuck E's Helicopter Ride 2002 2014
Chuck E. Cheese's Kiddie Coaster 2005 2012
Chuck E. Cheese's Kooky Konga 2008 2013
Chuck E. Cheese's Memory Match 1996 2003
Chuck E's Penalty Shoot-Off 1994 2007
Chuck E. Cheese's Photo Ride (1993) 1996 1997
Chuck E. Cheese's Photo Ride (1997) 1997 2014
Chuck E. Cheese's Photo Ride (2014) 2014 Still In Use
Chuck E's Pop It For Gold 2004 Still In Use
Chuck E's Pump N' Jump 2010 2014
Chuck E. Cheese's Ripper Ribbit 1999 2012
Chuck E. Cheese Roll 1991 1997
Chuck E's Rubble Bubble 2004 2016
Chuck E's Skee Ball 1997 2015
Chuck E. Cheese's Sketch Book 2005 Still In Use
Chuck E's Street Hoops 2002 2015
Chuck E's Thunderation 2009 2011
Chuck E's Trolley Ride 1991 2015
Chuck E's Twin Toss 1993 1998
Chuck E's Water Squirters 1996 2003
Clifford The Big Red Dog Ride 2007 2013
Crazy Typhoon 2015 2018
Crossbow Master: Chuck E. Cheese's 2015 Still In Use
Crossy Road 2017 Still In Use
Cruis'n World 1997 2004
Cyclone 1996 2015
Daytona Racing USA 2002 2010
Deadstorm Pirates 2016 Still In Use
Deal Or No Deal 2009 Still In Use
Deep Freeze 2001 Still In Use
Deep Sea Treasure 2015 Still In Use
Dinosaur Catcher 2018 Still In Use
Dino Dash 2003 2013
Dino Pop 2015 Still In Use
Dog Pounder 2010 Still In Use
Down The Clown 2016 Still In Use
Ducky Splash 2015 2016
Dunk The Alien 2003 2015
Eiffel Tower 2018 Still In Use
Elvis Presley Live In Las Vegas 2015 2018
Extreme Cards 2011 2022
Family Bowl 2 2009 2013
Fast & Furious Super Cars 2011 Still In Use
Fishbowl Frenzy 2018 Still In Use
Fishin' Time 2008 2015
Flamin' Finger 2008 2013
Frantic Fred 2004 2009
Free Fallin' 2012 2022
Frog Song 2002 2011
Frogger (2012) 2013 Still In Use
Fruit Ninja FX 2015 2018
Funky Monkey 2004 2013
Funny Hamsters 2018 Still In Use
Funhouse Photos 2013 Still In Use
G-Loc Air Battle 1991 1998
Galactix 2014 2017
Generic Airplane Ride 1996 1999
Generic Firetruck Kiddie Ride 1991 2006
Generic Golf Cart Ride 1997 2000
Generic Green Jeep Ride 2018 Still In Use
Generic Yellow Jeep Ride 2009 2014
Generic London Bus Ride 2022 Still In Use
Generic Police Car Ride 2015 2020
Generic Racecar Ride 1991 1993
Generic Beige Car Ride 1991 1996
Generic Red Car Ride 2018 Still In Use
Generic Red Plane Ride 1991 1996
Generic Red Train Ride 1993 1998
Generic Grey Submarine Ride 1991 1993
Generic Submarine Ride 2018 Still In Use
Generic Van Ride 2014 Still In Use
Geppetto's Workshop 2009 2013
Get Hooked 2015 Still In Use
Goal Line Rush 2018 Still In Use
Goin Fishin' 2003 2010
Golden Empire 2016 Still In Use
Guitar Hero Arcade 2009 Still In Use
H2Overdrive 2019 Still In Use
Hammer 2 2009 Still In Use
Hammerhead 2010 2017
Hammer Froggie 2015 2017
Hat Tricks 2015 Still In Use
Haunted Manor 2011 2019
Helen Car Ride 1997 2001
Hightops 1997 2014
Hot Chocolate Ride 2012 2015
Hungry Frogeye 2015 2019
Hungry Hungry Hippos 1997 2000
Hollywood Reels 2015 Still In Use
Ice Age Arcade 2017 Still In Use
Ice Cube Claw Machine 2018 Still In Use
Jett Rider 2011 Still In Use
Johnny Apple Speed 2008 2015
Jugglin' Jasper 1991 1997
Jumbo Jackpot 2014 Still In Use
Jumpin' Fantasy 2009 2018
Jurassic Park Arcade (1994) 1996 2001
Jurassic Park Arcade (2015) 2018 Still In Use
Justice League Whacker 2018 Still In Use
Ken Chuck E's Derby 2008 2013
King's Castle 2015 2018
Let's Go Jungle 2006 Still In Use
Marathon Runners 2011 Still In Use
Monopoly (Cyclone Clone) 2010 2015
Monster Truck 2001 2014
Munch Mouth 1991 2000
Nascar Racing 2010 2017
NBA Hoops 2015 Still In Use
NBA Hoop Troops 2020 Still In Use
NFL Football 2009 2018
Nicktoons Racing 2005 Still In Use
Operation 2015 Still In Use
Paw Patrol Wheel Spin 2018 Still In Use
Pharaoh’s Treasure 2016 Still In Use
Pirate Hook 2018 Still In Use
Pop The Lock 2018 Still In Use
Raceway 2015 Still In Use
Raging Ape 2009 2016
Rail Chase 2 2002 2010
Raptor Captor 1997 2017
Reactor 2016 Still In Use
Robin Hood 2015 Still In Use
Robo Bop 1996 2011
Rock'N Moon Rally 2007 Still In Use
Rock'n Bowl 1996 2003
Rockin Rollin 2020 Still In Use
Roll For Gold 2 2019 Still In Use
Rollin' On 24's 2011 2016
San Francisco Rush The Rock 2000 2011
Sea Wolf 2007 Still In Use
Sidewinder Boardwalk 1996 2010
Slam-A-Winner 2009 Still In Use
Smokin' Token 2002 2008
Smokin' Token Extreme 2015 Still In Use
Sneaky Snake 2004 2010
Sonic The Hedgehog Drop 2018 Still In Use
Sonic The Hedgehog Spinner (2012) 2012 2018
Spider Bot 2013 2016
Spider Stomp Deluxe 1997 2012
Spin-Rama 2019 Still In Use
Spongebob Squarepants Ticket Boom 2012 2015
Stack-It 2010 Still In Use
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade 1999 2006
Subway Surfers 2017 Still In Use
Super Bikes 3 2019 Still In Use
Super Star 2020 Still In Use
Super Sega GT 1998 2006
Surf's Up 2020 Still In Use
Surfin' Safari 2002 2011
Talk To Chuck E. Cheese 1996 1997
Teeter Totter Castle 2015 Still In Use
Teletubbies Home Ride 2000 2011
Teletubbies Noo-Noo Ride 2003 2011
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) 2019 Still In Use
The Doctor Monster Truck Ride 2005 2010
The Great Ticket Carnival 2012 2017
The Flintstones Pinball 1997 1999
The Price Is Right 2013 Still In Use
The Revenge Of Hammerhead 2017 Still In Use
The Simpsons Kooky Carnival 2013 Still In Use
The Simpsons Pinball Party 2003 2012
The Simpsons Soccer 2012 2016
Ticket Troopers 2014 2019
Tight Rope 2021 Still In Use
Tippin' Blocks 2015 Still In Use
Transformers Human Alliance 2018 Still In Use
Total Eclipse 1997 2005
Tower of Power 2002 2015
Three Throw 2000 2008
TsuMo 2001 2011
Turtle Ride 1991 1996
Virtual Bowling 2002 2009
Water Blast 2003 Still In Use
Western Train 2001 2015
Wac-A-Munch 1991 2009
Whack N' Win 2018 Still In Use
Winner Wheel 2014 Still In Use
Whirlpool 2003 2009
Wonder Land 2012 2018
Wonder Wheel 1997 Still In Use
X-Men Arcade 1996 2006


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Animatronic Manufacturing Date Whereabouts
Chuck E Cheese (Cyberamic) 1991 Owned by a Private Collector.
Helen Henny (Cyberamic) 1991 Owned by a Private Collector.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) 1991 Owned by a Private Collector.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) 1991/1993 Original Bot unknown, replaced with bot from Lakeland, FL (3558 US Hwy 98), now owned by a Private Collector.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) 1991 Owned by a Private Collector.
Wink (Cyberamic) 1991 Owned by a Private Collector.