The Amazing Uncle Klunk Traveling Show (Event)

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Store Appearances

Store appearances are largely going off of when advertising would show up, and when the "$4.00 Value" coupons would be set to expire. Uncle Klunks could have been installed earlier, or lasted a few days later. Some stores also do not have any coupon date ranges, so will just be marked with the day their citation comes from.
Map of confirmed Klunk installations for this event.

Currently, 31 confirmed stores have been found to have hosted Klunk out of the 40 Klunks that were sent out for the event.

July 5th Announcement

Newspapers in Florida would have Klunk ads placed in them on July 5th, stating he was "Coming Soon, Limited Engagement". Altamonte Springs, FL (541 W Hwy 436), Orlando, FL (841 Lee Rd), Orlando, FL (7419 International Dr), Tampa, FL (12707 Dale Mabry Hwy), and Tampa, FL (1707 E Fowler Ave) would be teased as the first stores.

July 14th Wave

The first stores to potentially open with Klunk were set for July 14th. All of these stores would have their coupons last for 35 days, from July 14 to August 18- with the exception of Tulsa, OK (7108 S Memorial Dr), which coupons were only archived up to August 1st, lasting 18 days.

All of these stores have their ads saying "Showing Now"

Florida July 16-18 Wave

Despite the Florida stores getting announced the earliest, being the only ones to let customers know ahead of time of Klunk's arrival, they wouldn't formally switch advertising to "Now Showing" until the 16th and 18th of July. All of these stores would also last until August 18th, being a shorter 33 and 31 days of possible time.

Unlike the 14th wave stores, these ads would exclusively say "Showing Now, Limited Engagement", rather than just "Showing Now"

July 22nd Changes

Multiple strange changes to the ongoing ads were noticeable on July 22nd. Tampa, FL (12707 Dale Mabry Hwy and Tampa, FL (1707 E Fowler Ave) suddenly now have their text go back to "Coming Soon, Limited Engagement" until the next ad happens. This was likely a mistake in which version of the ad artwork was used. Additionally, Springfield, MO (700 W Sunshine St), Wichita, KS (2100 N Amidon Ave), and Wichita, KS (333 S Armour Dr) switch their text from just "Showing Now" to "Showing Now, Limited Engagement" like all of the Florida stores.

July 30th Wave

Three stores in Ohio do not get ads until July 30th, but still continue on to August 18th, now only having a 19 day event.

Unknown Wave Stores

Myrtle Beach, SC (615 Lake Arrowhead Rd) is known to have kept Klunk's camera prop after switching back to Rolfe. It is unknown which wave they installed at however.[26]

Fargo, ND (1202 Nodak Dr) has testimony from its General Manager that Klunk was brought in, and later used as a Santa.

Unconfirmed Stores

Due to evidence that Chicago, IL (5030 S Kedzie Ave) installed their sign mech for Country Klunk in 1985, a store that wasn't open until November 1, 1984, stores that have sign mechs installed do not confirm whether they had received Klunk in 1983, or at a later time.[27] These stores are currently unconfirmed due to this:

Two stores had some sort of Klunk part discovered at their location. Springfield with Klunk valves, and Davenport with a Klunk arm. This confirms Klunk was present at their store at some point, but it is unknown which event(s) he was used in. Davenport does mention potentially receiving a Klunk for 1983 however.[30]

The Farmington Hills, MI (29955 Orchard Lake Rd) store also could have had Klunk either for this event or Santa On Stage Show 1983 before its closing, due to Chicago, IL (5030 S Kedzie Ave) having a Klunk. Farmington transferred all their animatronics to Kedzie for them to open with in November of 1984, meaning a Klunk could have potentially been one of them.



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