Ticket Blaster

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Rockstar Ticket Blaster at Bowling Green, KY. Credit to CECBowlingGreen.

The Ticket Blaster is an attraction found at Chuck E. Cheese's locations. It is only able to be used when there is a reserved birthday party. The point of the Ticket Blaster is to grab as many tickets as you can within 30 seconds, as well as possibly getting other things like a "Magic Ticket". The Ticket Blaster is still in use to this day, despite CEC getting rid of paper tickets, though some locations have them empty, others have tickets and the other prizes in them.


In Spring 2008 the Ticket Blaster is presented at the CEC Entertainment Support Center and is soon installed at the Irving, TX (3903 W Airport Fwy) location for the concept to be reviewed by guests. The concept made it to every San Antonio Chuck E. Cheese's in 2009, where it stayed in the test phase for months until 2010 it was finalized for all stores to use. The Ticket Blaster Flash Game is also created around the same time to advertise this.[1]

Virtual Reality

In Spring 2014, in an effort to update the Ticket Blaster, It was integrated with the Oculus Rift. The Ticket Blaster was also modified to include the headset with special cameras that were used to show whoever was inside the Ticket Blaster on the monitors in the showroom. The retrofit was tested in three markets: Dallas, San Diego, and Orlando.[2] But due to concerns about seizures it was canceled.[3]


Ticket Blasters continued to be updated until 2021, when Chuck E. Cheese's made the switch to E-Tickets. All tickets inside of Ticket Blasters were trashed and certificates for E-Tickets were added.


2008 Prototype

This prototype was a metallic tube with rope lights and two speakers on the top. It was a really rough prototype that was supposed to just be for the CEC Entertainment Support Center & Irving, TX store.

2009/Finalized Design

This is the design every location got from 2009 to 2017.

The design kept the basic shape and feel of the prototype but added colors and graphics. Stars and Tickets are depicted flying around in the Ticket Blaster on the art outside of the tube. Inside the tube was a Chuck E. Cheese decal popping out of a star with his arms out. Earlier versions of this had a "Happy Birthday" decal on the back of the tube; but it was removed later on.

2016 Black Light Design

Prototype black light design only put in the Grapevine, TX location. The inside of the tube featured a Rockstar outline but in black light colors. Inside was a black light that illuminated the artwork.

2017 Finalized Rockstar Design

This design is now seen in every location as a decal replacement or complete replacement for previous models. The outside is now red, white, and purple. On top is a new Ticket Blaster logo. The inside is near identical aside from the Chuck E. art.

2019 "Rocket Blaster"

The Rocket Blaster is a 2019 Ticket Blaster prototype that never left the Irving, TX location. The whole Ticket Blaster was themed to look like a space shuttle, with art on the inside depicting Chuck E. floating.


How To Play

The Ticket Blaster is only available with a reserved birthday party at any CEC location. When getting into the Ticket Blaster, you have to wear goggles since the tickets are paper and are flying everywhere and could hurt your face. When you are inside, Chuck E. will say something, and then the tickets start flying around. You have 25 seconds to 1 minute to get as many tickets as you can, and when the timer stops, the tickets stop flying around, and you are let out of the Ticket Blaster.